Update 01.079

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23 April 2015

The Oxygen Farm block has been added to the game. It works similarly to the solar panel, but it produces oxygen instead of electricity and doesn't require ice to work. We also added the option to disable encounters in the world. Additionally, the "Save As" option can be now accessed while the player is in the game (on the Main Menu by pressing Esc).


  • Oxygen Farm block
  • Option to disable encounters
  • Save As option on the Main Menu
  • Decreased the oxygen capacity of cockpit


  • fixed player not respawning when dead in turret control
  • fixed oxygen bottle percentage not updating
  • fixed crash in script on DS
  • fixed merge block being targeted by own weapons
  • fixed small advanced rotor part model
  • fixed rotor part icon only on large block
  • improved lag on large mining ships (still work-in-progress)
  • fixed lost ownership of platform after reload (scenario)
  • fixed character receiving damage when sitting in the cockpit without helmet
  • fixed oxygen tank not updating oxygen amount for client
  • fixed emissivity of oxygen tank not updating for client

Update 01.079.008 (04/24/2015)

  • fixed crash when equipping tool with custom character
  • added interface for oxygen farm