Update 01.055

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This is the second batch of bugfixes. The most important fixes are the interior light issue, the dedicated server assembler issues, the reduced rotor and [Piston Base|piston]] network traffic (in multiplayer) and the improved rotor stability. We have also added a new tool for our modders that helps them to see changes to their mods without having to be in the game.



  • reduced rotor and piston network traffic (in multiplayer)
  • improved rotor stability
  • fixed issues with interior lights
  • fixed dedicated server assembler issues
  • fixed character animations (hands in crouch position)
  • fixed sound modding issues
  • fixed ship grinder/[[Welder (Ship)}welder]] inventory size
  • fixed can't save the game issues (toolbar crash)
  • fixed lag when missile was impacting the asteroids
  • fixed glass issues in mwmbuilder
  • fixed rotor displacement issues
  • fixed crash when renaming blueprints
  • fixed rifle animation bug (rifle floating in the air)
  • fixed rotor top part renders incorrectly
  • fixed issues with some mods cannot be loaded from workshop
  • fixed configuration file perma-death cannot be set to false
  • fixed assemblers in co-operative mode seem to copy queue items from assemblers in disassembly mode
  • fixed DeviateShotAngle does nothing in weapons.sbc
  • fixed crash caused by turrets firing
  • fixed crash with the same key was already added
  • fixed Mod Scripting - ConfigDedicated.Administrators is not populated from config file
  • fixed explosion when piston was mounted on rotor on small ship
  • fixed desync on DS
  • fixed crash when gatling turret destroys rocket
  • fixed cannot change assembler ownership on cargo ships
  • fixed character death in cockpit without cockpit been damaged

Hotfix 01.055.008



  • fixed crash when some of the textures were corrupted
  • fixed crash when adding custom ammo
  • fixed crash when character died twice
  • fixed wrong tag in ammo definition
  • fixed client does not see jetpack of other players
  • fixed exception when loading workshop world