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The RobsTekk
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'Voth kopraan do dwiin, ahrk mul do hot, un girvoh rovit zok vahkaas gekenlokin ahrk alun meyzah nau piit. ' ~Common RobsTekk Phrase before mission departure.

The RobsTekk were founded in the early 2060's, following the teachings of the honorary Simon Vardiin, more commonly known as the 'Zooruv Fil Paagoliik' which translates to the Legendary Start Walker.

His journey began far earlier, in the 2040's which is where the deepest origins of the RobsTekk begin, but for the purposes of this passage we will focus on the Founding point and onwards. The Zooruv left enscribed logs in his data module, which was recovered in 2061 by a Fleet commandant of the AAC. After studying these logs he wrote his resignation from the faction, and left to go find a group of his past colleagues who had since become mercenaries in the Sezamma sector. Along with the Fleet Commandant, the 5 made a new forged alliance under a pact that became known as the Sezamma Indigo Pact, which with the mercenaries links throughout the sector, allowed them to purchase a plot of what was previously public space. space Port Arizona was where they took up residence, amongst the industrial district although the port itself remained public.

From the port, DiscordedMuffins studied the data log and co-ordinated his team successfully to recover 3 encrypted data logs, known as the StarShards. Each one of these contained a small portion of a 13-part code that the Zooruv had lebelled as the Galactic Key, which would allow intergalactic travel to an almost infinite distance, far outweighing the efficiency of the as of that point, newly introduced Jump Drives. By this point the RobsTekk had gained a small influence and was standing at almost 48 statuary members to which it scavenged location after location trying to find more Shards of the code.

By the year 2069, 8 shards had been recovered, and Discorded himself was on the party to recover the 9th shard, and got more than he bargained for when his team stumbled upon 3 Shards that had been collated by a seperate faction. This is when the first RobsTekk rivalry war took place, and was the first time that Military grade Warships had to be constructed in the controlled industrial sector of SpacePort Arizona.

The war concluded with Discorded escaping with the 3 shards, held in a highly protective case nicknamed 'The Marker' by the opposing faction. Out of the 12 RobsTekk members that had departed to recover this shard, only 3 returned, 2 escaping through a Blind Warp Jump assuming their Leader for dead after witnessing the RobsTekk Flagship 'JUSTICATOR' fall apart. Discorded, unable to make long distance travel in his small damaged Frigate, crash landed on a drifting asteroid, and here set up Star-Base 101 by himself which eventually, after months alone in space, became the birthplace of the STRIDER class Fighter, and the LOTUS class Starship. The Marker was stored onto the Lotus, and after fending off nearby automated patrols and Pirate raids for another 3 months, he could finally stow the Strider upon the Lotus, and escape via Jump-Drive, following co-ordinated within one of the 3 Data Shards he had with him to locate a Galactic WebWay which allowed him, at the cost of stretched time, to travel through an impossibly small Warp bridge back to the Arizona. The time-gap resulted in him having skipped the equivalent of 7 years, and thus he was younger than his fellow members, who almost didn't recognize him after missing him for so long.

The RobsTekk, in 2077 with 12 of the 13 shards, are currently imposing into Betaform space where they suspect the final shard lays waiting for them to recover. However this campaign may be a tenuous one as the exact location of the final shard is very much unknown, all that is known is that it rests on one of 3 planets in a star system.


Galactic Commanding Officer~ DiscordedMuffins

Head of Engineering~ Darkseeker99

Head of Exploration~ BlueMuffins40

Tactical MasterMind~ Arcanuke

Fleet Details

Current Operations

The RobsTekk is currently undergoing a large operation in the Trifex system that marks the largest full scale engagement the faction has been involved in, due to prolonged interaction with the UNITY presence in the sector. The opposing Faction intents appeared hostile, and in any case their presence makes recovery of the final Shards impossible. This is the first engagement that has required more than a single Warship class vessel to be commissioned by the RobsTekk, and the Collossus class Warship Bedlam was constructed for the singular purpose of engaging this far more powerful and numerous foe. The UNITY capital planet is the target of 2 Hammer movements the RobsTekk plan to make to eradicate UNITY presence in the system, allowing them access to their goal of locating the shard. These movements have been codenamed Project Isolate, and Project BedSweep.

Project Isolate is the first scenario that will take place,which involves a large continent of the RobStekk fleet warping into planetary orbit to engage space forces, although this fleet will largely consist of Frigates and Destroyers as larger vessels are at risk of being targeted by the Planet based 'Graviton Drives'. These drives create a large Gravitational pulse that can rip more massive craft apart, or pull them into an unavoidable Planetary collision. The Bedlam is the only ship with the firepower to take on the UNITY fleet, but due to the threatening Graviton Drives it cannot come within range to be able to engage. This is where Project Isolate comes into play, as large landing craft and Fighter forces will descend from the small fleet in orbit with priority targets to take out the Graviton drives and material uplinks on the planets surface. The fleet in orbit will be just large enough to support the planet bound forces although casualties are expected to be high.

Once project Isolate is completed the Bedlam, along with the rest of the RobsTekk fleet will warp into battle range, where the Bedlam's Destabiliser cannon will decimate the larger UNITY vessels that couldn't be rivaled until this point. This is Project BedSweep, and it involves a full scale offensive push to neutralise space bound forces to make way for a Planetary assault, or if the situation dictates, a Planetary Lance bombardment that would prove fatal to the Planets very structure.