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TCC Embassy
Status: | Stance: War

Declared Standings

  • Faction:Aetherilian Space Industries War
  • Faction:TheWikiAlliance War
  • Faction:Alliance Federation Space Corp War
  • Faction:Andromeda War
  • Faction:AuraTec War
  • Faction:Christian Soldiers 7th Division War
  • Faction:Centauri Industrial Expansion War
  • Faction:Deep Space Corps (D.S.C) War
  • Faction:FUR-TEC Combat Technology War
  • Faction:Gold And Darkness Corporation [G&D] War
    "Faction:Gold And Darkness Corporation [G&D" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
  • Faction:Galactic Military Empire War
  • Faction:Her Majesty's Space Guard War
  • Faction:Interspace_Police War
  • Faction:Faction Intergalactic Limited Pentarchy For Exploration and Discovery War
  • Faction:Interstellar Military Corporation War
  • Faction:Interstellar Solutions Incorporated War
  • Faction:Mine Co. Industries War
  • Faction:Oceanic Trans-Galactic Empire War
  • Faction:Physics Inquisitional Squad of Faithful Fanatics War
  • Faction:Reaction Faction War
  • Faction:Resources Development Administration War
  • Faction:Second Sun Alliance War
  • Faction:The Dominion PMC War
  • Faction:The Fleets of Khaordum War
  • Faction:United Earth Space Corps War
  • Faction:Varangian Corporation War