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Interstellar Military Corporation

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Chaos the Doombringer
Faction Type:
Industrial, Military
Steam Group:
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The ISMC is a fleet based on Honesty, and Honor, and remember a admial is nothing without his loyal soldiers.

this group is based of the principles of the UEMC under Paladins leadership anyone of the UEMC is welcome to join

Rule's 1. if you build a ship, and want it to be part of the faction fleet on the server you merey have to put our logo on the ship (im sorry but this does not apply yet as we do not have a mod for our logo)

2. Try to avoid verbal abuse.

3. faction-ship-building - must be approved by the proper ranked member before inclusion in the fleet (dick-shaped builds will not be accepted. Or Workshop copy pastes.)

4. PVP rules - Defensive - defend your fellow soldiers never attack any faction do not unprovoked attack only if attacked

5.You may never destroy anything belonging to another member of the ISMC. without asking them if it's okay, and getting the okay.

6. If you are disloyal such as ignoring a important order you will be investigated and judged

7. No begging for a position of power, as power is a reward, you will be given a warning twice, the third time you will be banned.

-The rank's in the ISMC are. Enlisted(just joined), Ensign, Lieutenant (junior grade), Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Rear Admiral (lower half) Rear Admiral, Vice Admiral, Admiral, Fleet Admiral, Admiral of the Navy. (You can only be promoted by Chaos, or other 'okayed' people.)

-You will be promoted by building ship's to help in the war effort. Building stations that could help. Or building training grounds. Speak to Chaos, for promotions. You will be asked to show you're ship/station, and if it's not in working order don't expect a promotion. (including mining and rescue craft)

-Remember all member's of the ISMC will have their rank listed in the Rank list. (so make shure that the person who has a high rank in their steam name is legit if they are giving you order's that seem fishy, "copy paste all your ship prototype's to my world" etc)

By becoming a member of the ISMC you accept all the above rules, and acknowledge that if you break them, you will be watched investigated and judged, acording to chaos and the other leaders opinion of the importance of your offence.




Our history is not very long. Many of us are former members of UEMC. We left because it had new leadership. The UEMC was not the same. It was a warmongering faction who only wanted destruction. We could not accept it and therefore Chaos started the ISMC and after that we just kept buggering on until now


- Supreme Chancellor: Chaos the Doom-Bringer

- (max 1 ) Admiral of the Navy: kris220b

- (max 3 ) Fleet Admiral: EgorKaskader

- (max 5 ) Admiral: Garason

- (max 10 ) Vice Admiral:

- (max 15 ) Rear Admiral: 

( additional rank ) modder and/or scriptor:

- Rear Admiral (lower half):

- Captain:

- Commander: Lieutenant Violence

- Lieutenant Commander: StonedFreak

- Lieutenant: shadow onion

- Lieutenant (junior grade): combatsmithen, Eldron,

- Sailor:

- Ensign: Kaito_Shion, Warfare/İmamÜlAziz, Roven

- Enlisted(just joined): Ender, Jinx, CaptainRedz, Cell, cocde, Dukered79, Fatsack, Helios, Houdini Harden, IronDeuce, Jaden Yuki, jlsjonas, John 0648, Just call me Mirko, Lachlan, Land Zhark, MARTOBG, Red Samurai, ScarWing, Slayer of Time, TeamGarry00The Emperor, Uva, Weiss Schnee, Dreadloch, Bad Sushi, Evil Tom, Bristo G2, Spiggler, Wafflegang, Span, oomog, Lord Wraith, OmniCoRp, bc10000, Barillo, Coryphaeus Galak Tul, Darkaiser, TumbleTV, Solid Ray, Ponyus, Windu77, NoID, Dingus Mcnasty, Hex5, HeghastZZ, EgeitiJason, Solar, bilboswaginz, Turbofan1808, Chris Eley, Zach, Cocoa,Snake987, PrezMozana, Shadow, Meanwolf99, Fyreballs, Ikillglitch, Survivor_man2, purvis94, Figaro299, Tater Toot, dadi1212, rvgmofficial, Anthrax, ajnigh, Uncle Wabisuke, Artorias Knight Of The Abyss, Pitole 1, SwetishBus0964

Honorary members: Durin, Metatron