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Alliance Federation Space Corp


LCDR J. Bryan
Faction Type:
Science, Industry, Military
Team speak IP:
TS Down
Steam Group:
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Alliance Federation Space Corp is a newly created faction, overall focus is Military Structure and Command. The Alliance Federation Space Corp, also focuses on Research and Development, Science and space exploration.


Alliance Federation Space Corp is broken up into two main divisions. Marine Division and Aerospace Division. Marine Division are the grunts of the Alliance Federation Space Corp, they are the backbone of the Alliance. Aerospace is a combination of two divisions, made up of Fleet and Air Division. Fleet Division, deals with piloting large ships, attacking the enemy from a distance, also act as an major support role for the, Marine Division and Air Division. Air Division is the Alliance Federation Space Corp Air Force, piloting smaller ships, and take the fight to the enemy from the air, or air to ground combat.


To join the Alliance Federation Space Corp, criteria has been put in place, to ensure we are obtaining quality members. If you are interested in membership, you must apply in person, by visiting our team speak, address listed above. Currently not recruiting at this time.

At least 18 years of age
Working Microphone
Team speak
Creative mind
Ability to work with others
Ability to follow orders and directions
Willing to participate in Survival


AFSC Rank Table.png


Server Name: Servers are DOWN until planets and the Multiplayer update releases.

Server Regulations
No Ramming ships into structures and/or other ships
Trolls, griefers will be banned