Trading Outposts

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Trading Outposts were added in the 1.192 update.They can spawn if the Economy option is enabled in the advanced world settings menu.They spawn in various areas of the world.Including but not limited too:Planetary Body's,Orbit around Planetary Body's, and in deep space.

They offer the ability to accept randomly generated contracts for credits to players.They also allow the player to Buy/Sell Ore,Refined objects,and components.Some even sell functional ships.

Each station is protected by a safe zone which removes of damage from weapons and tools.If the players reputation is below a certain point the station won't even allow you in the safe zone.

All stations have a store block and a contract block.outposts may or may not have a ATM or vending machine which are accessible by anyone.Certain parts of the station are not accessible to players.


When a world is created a random assortment of Npc faction's are also created.These faction's own and operate the various outposts the player comes across.

The names of the factions are drawn from a list of terms and glued together to create new names

Other Stuff

  • There are decorational blocks inside the station that when ground will not give you anything unless you have the dlc pack.
  • Outposts can't be looted unless the "Ignore Safe Zones" and "Access All Terminals" admin tools are active in which the player will get 200-1000 Space Credits.