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Oxygen Farm


Mass (kg):
Build time (seconds):
Active power consumption (MW):
Idle Power Consumption (MW):
Yes - depends on orientation
Power Consumer Group:
Dimensions (W x H x D):
1 x 3 x 1


The Oxygen Farm is a functional Block used to generate small amounts of breathable Oxygen out of solar radiation, via Solar Hydroponics.


The oxygen farm can produce some amounts of oxygen while it is exposed to the sun. The efficiency of the farm depends on its current exposure to the sun. Similar to solar panels. It also has a similar "efficiency indicator" as solar panels. It needs electricity in order to generate O2. The generation is very small compared to an oxygen generator, but steady and requires no Ice. The farm must be connected to an existing Conveyor Network to send the generated oxygen to consumers like Oxygen Tanks or Air Vents. It has only one conveyor port at the bottom.

Oxygen Generation

Game version: 1.106

Oxygen generation at 100% efficiency 0.03 O2/s 1.80 L/min

Since a space engineer requires 0.063 O2/s to breathe, at least 3 farms are needed to provide a space engineer with a sustainable supply of oxygen.


Oxygen Farm OxyFarm01.jpg


  • The surfaces of the block that must be exposed to the sun for better functionality are the two sides with the "efficiency indicators" and nothing else.

Known Issues

  • Windows within the game block light from reaching the Oxygen Farms. Therefore, Oxygen Farms need a direct line of sight to the sun.

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Update History

Update 01.079
  • Oxygen Farm block introduced