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Update 01.149 DEV

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This week’s update brings you more bugfixes and improvements, as well as a new animation when rotating blocks. This short animation should help players better see how blocks are being rotated. Improvements this week focus mainly on rotors, pistons and wheels when flying in a ship. Other bugs fixed include trees being too strong, mirroring issues with the refinery, certain cases of ships sinking through voxel, and teleporting through walls by exiting cockpits.


  • animated rotation box and block preview ( can be turned off in game settings )


  • fixed trees being too "tough", breaking grids too easily
  • fixed mirroring issues for Refinery block
  • fixed Save version checking for MP and SP
  • fixed no clipping caused by exiting cockpit
  • fixed copy/paste issues when copying grids with wheels
  • fixed Small Advanced Rotor spinning when placed to empty space
  • fixed ships sinking into the voxel
  • fixed Pistons/Rotors wheels disconnecting when flying with ship
  • fixed Blueprint exploding after locking landing gears to a grid

Update 147.0010 Dev

  • fixed MWM builder
  • fixed medium cargo container mountpoints