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| huge = {{!}}128px
| huge = {{!}}128px
| default = {{!}}64px
| default = {{!}}64px
}}|link={{#if: {{{lang|}}} | {{{1|}}}/{{{lang}}} | {{{1|No Image}}}{{lang}} }}]]<noinclude>
}}|link={{#ifeq: {{#sub:{{{1|}}}|0|{{#len:Mod:Vanilla}}}}|Mod:Vanilla|{{#show:{{{1}}}|?Main article#-}}{{lang}}|{{#if: {{{lang|}}} | {{{1|}}}/{{{lang}}} | {{{1|No Image}}}{{lang}} }}}}]]<noinclude>
Standard image template.  
Standard image template.  

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No Image Icon.png

Standard image template.


{{icon|name|size|lang = }}

icon: template name
name: name of icon
size: tiny, small, medium, or undefined, tiny is 16px, small is 32px, medium is 48px, large is 64px. huge is 128px
lang: lang = language code override, for example lang = fr for French.