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RPA tools have strong technical similarities to graphical user interface testing tools. These tools also automate interactions with the GUI, and often do so by repeating a set of demonstration actions performed by a user. Robotic process automation is the use of specialized computer programs, known as software robots, to automate and standardize repeatable business processes. you can refer this for more information https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_process_automation
Robotic process automation https://www.edgeverve.com/assistedge/robotic-process-automation/] 2.0, often referred to as unassisted RPA is the next generation of RPA related technologies. Technological advancements and improvements around artificial intelligence technologies are making it easier for businesses to take advantage of the benefits of RPA without dedicating a large budget for development work.
The practice of performing robotic process automation (called RPA or RPAAI for self-guided RPA 2.0 based on artificial intelligence) results in the deployment of attended or unattended software agents to an organization's environment.

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