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Vanilla/Ammo/AutomaticRifleGun Mag 20rd +MR-20 Magazine Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Ammo/Missile200mm +200mm_Missile_Container_Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Ammo/NATO 25x184mm +25x184mm_NATO_Ammo_Container_Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Ammo/NATO 5p56x45mm +5.56x45mm_NATO_Magazine_Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/BulletproofGlass +Bulletproof Glass Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/Canvas +Canvas Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/Computer +Computer Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/Construction +Construction Component Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/Detector +Detector Components Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/Display +Display Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/Explosives +Explosives Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/Girder +Girder Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/GravityGenerator +Gravity Generator Components Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/InteriorPlate +Interior Plate Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/LargeTube +Large Steel Tube Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/Medical +Medical Components Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/MetalGrid +Metal Grid Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/Motor +Motor Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/PowerCell +Power Cell Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/RadioCommunication +Radio-Communication Components Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/Reactor +Reactor Components Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/SmallTube +Small Steel Tube Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/SolarCell +Solar Cell Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/SteelPlate +Steel Plate Icon.png  +
Vanilla/Component/Superconductor +Superconductor Component Icon.png  +
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