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The list below contains all the of the large blocks since only large grids currently are the only ones capable of being pressurized. Under each block will be either green (airtight) or red (not airtight). By default, all blocks that haven't been constructed won't be airtight.

Some blocks placed outside of a room may not seal a room, windows are commonly found to have problems in this area. If placed on the outside, it isn't considered a seal since the frames aren't directly connected to the neighboring blocks. There are also a few instances of blocks sealing a room while visually it shouldn't be. Corner type blocks are sometimes found to have these problems.

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Oxygen Airtight List GBar75x25.jpg
Green - All blocks under this designation are capable of being airtight (pressurized). Some blocks may require certain orientation to allow for a seal. Others blocks (such as windows) may require other blocks to seal. However, the block itself is airtight.
Oxygen Airtight List RBar75x25.jpg
Red - All blocks under this category cannot seal a room, no matter the orientation. Some may appear to fill an entire block space, but they will not seal the room.

Advanced Rotor Icon.png
Advanced Rotor
Air Vent Icon.png
Air Vent
Airtight Hangar Door Icon.png
Airtight Hanger Door
Antenna Icon.png
Arc Furnace Icon.png
Arc Furnace
Artificial Mass Icon.png
Artificial Mass
Assembler Icon.png
Battery Icon.png
Beacon Icon.png
Blast Door Icon.png
Blast Door
Blast Door Corner Icon.png
Blast Door Corner
Blast Door Edge Icon.png
Blast Door Edge
Blast Door Inverted Icon.png
Blast Door Inverted
Button Panel Icon.png
Button Panel
Camera Icon.png
Cockpit Icon.png
Collector Icon.png
Connector Icon.png
Control Panel Icon.png
Control Panel
Control Station Icon.png
Control Station
Conveyor Icon.png
Conveyor Sorter Icon.png
Conveyor Sorter
Conveyor Tube Icon.png
Conveyor Tube
Cryo Chamber Icon.png
Cryo Chamber
Curved Conveyor Tube Icon.png
Curved Conveyor Tube
Decoy Icon.png
Diagonal Window Icon.png
Diagonal Window
Door Icon.png
Drill Icon.png
Effectiveness Upgrade Module Icon.png
Efficiency Upgrade
Flight Seat Icon.png
Flight Seat
Full Cover Wall Icon.png
Full Cover Wall
Gatling Turret Icon.png
Gatling Turret
Gravity Generator Icon.png
Gravity Generator
Grinder (Ship) Icon.png
Half Cover Wall Icon.png
Half Cover Wall
Heavy Angled Armor Corner Icon.png
Heavy Angled Armor Corner
Heavy Angled Armor Slope Icon.png
Heavy Angled Armor Slope
Heavy Armor Block Icon.png
Heavy Armor Block
Heavy Armor Corner Icon.png
Heavy Armor Corner
Heavy Armor Inverted Corner Icon.png
Heavy Armor Inverted Corner
Heavy Armor Slope Icon.png
Heavy Armor Slope
Heavy Corner 2x1x1 Base Icon.png
Heavy Corner 2x1x1 Base
Heavy Corner 2x1x1 Base Smooth Icon.png
Heavy Corner 2x1x1 Base Smooth
Heavy Corner 2x1x1 Tip Icon.png
Heavy Corner 2x1x1 Tip
Heavy Corner 2x1x1 Tip Smooth Icon.png
Heavy Corner 2x1x1 Tip Smooth
Heavy Inv Corner 2x1x1 Base Icon.png
Heavy Inv Corner 2x1x1 Base
Heavy Inv Corner 2x1x1 Base Smooth Icon.png
Heavy Inv Corner 2x1x1 Base Smooth
Heavy Inv Corner 2x1x1 Tip Icon.png
Heavy Inv Corner 2x1x1 Tip
Heavy Inv Corner 2x1x1 Tip Smooth Icon.png
Heavy Inv Corner 2x1x1 Tip Smooth
Heavy Round Armor Corner Icon.png
Heavy Round Armor Corner
Heavy Round Armor Inv Corner Icon.png
Heavy Round Armor Inv Corner
Heavy Round Armor Slope Icon.png
Heavy Round Armor Slope
Heavy Rounded Armor Corner Icon.png
Heavy Rounded Armor Corner
Heavy Rounded Armor Slope Icon.png
Heavy Rounded Armor Slope
Heavy Slope 2x1x1 Base Icon.png
Heavy Slope 2x1x1 Base
Heavy Slope 2x1x1 Base Smooth Icon.png
Heavy Slope 2x1x1 Base Smooth
Heavy Slope 2x1x1 Tip Icon.png
Heavy Slope 2x1x1 Tip
Heavy Slope 2x1x1 Tip Smooth Icon.png
Heavy Slope 2x1x1 Tip Smooth
Interior Light Icon.png
Interior Light
Interior Pillar Icon.png
Interior Pillar
Interior Turret Icon.png
Interior Turret
Interior Wall Icon.png
Interior Wall
Jump drive Icon.png
Jump Drive
LCD Panel Icon.png
LCD Panel
Landing Gear Icon.png
Landing Gear
Large Cargo Container Icon.png
Large Cargo Container
Large Reactor Icon.png
Large Reactor
Large Thruster Icon.png
Large Thruster
Laser Antenna Icon.png
Laser Antenna
Light Angled Armor Corner Icon.png
Light Angled Armor Corner
Light Angled Armor Slope Icon.png
Light Angled Armor Slope
Light Armor Block Icon.png
Light Armor Block
Light Armor Corner Icon.png
Light Armor Corner
Light Armor Inverted Corner Icon.png
Light Armor Inverted Corner
Light Armor Slope Icon.png
Light Armor Slope
Light Round Armor Corner Icon.png
Light Round Armor Corner
Light Rounded Armor Corner Icon.png
Light Rounded Armor Corner
Light Rounded Armor Slope Icon.png
Light Rounded Armor Slope
Light Slope 2x1x1 Base Icon.png
Light Slope 2x1x1 Base
Light Slope 2x1x1 Base Smooth Icon.png
Light Slope 2x1x1 Base Smooth
Light Slope 2x1x1 Tip Icon.png
Light Slope 2x1x1 Tip
Light Slope 2x1x1 Tip Smooth Icon.png
Light Slope 2x1x1 Tip Smooth
Medical Room Icon.png
Medical Room
Merge Block Icon.png
Merge Block
Missile Turret Icon.png
Missile Turret
Ore Detector Icon.png
Ore Detector
Oxygen Farm Icon.png
Oxygen Farm
Oxygen Generator Icon.png
Oxygen Generator
Oxygen Tank Icon.png
Oxygen Tank
Passage Icon.png
Passenger Seat Icon.png
Passenger Seat
Piston Base Icon.png
Piston Base
Power Efficiency Upgrade Module Icon.png
Power Efficiency Upgrade Module
Productivity Upgrade Module Icon.png
Productivity Upgrade Module
Programmable Block Icon.png
Programmable Block
Projector Icon.png
Ramp Icon.png
Refinery Icon.png
Remote Control Icon.png
Remote Control
Rocket Launcher Icon.png
Rocket Launcher
Rotor Icon.png
Sensor Icon.png
Small Cargo Container Icon.png
Small Cargo Container
Small Reactor Icon.png
Small Reactor
Small Thruster Icon.png
Small Thruster
Solar Panel Icon.png
Solar Panel
Sound Block Icon.png
Sound Block
Space Ball Icon.png
Space Ball
Spherical Gravity Generator Icon.png
Spherical Gravity Generator
Spotlight Icon.png
Stairs Icon.png
Steel Catwalk Icon.png
Steel Catwalk
Steel Catwalk Corner Icon.png
Steel Catwalk Corner
Steel Catwalk Plate Icon.png
Steel Catwalk Plate
Steel Catwalk Two Sides Icon.png
Steel Catwalk Two Sides
Text Panel Icon.png
Text Panel
Timer Block Icon.png
Timer Block
Vertical Window Icon.png
Vertical Window
Warhead Icon.png
Welder (Ship) Icon.png
Wheel 1x1 Icon.png
Wheel 1x1
Wheel 3x3 Icon.png
Wheel 3x3
Wheel 5x5 Icon.png
Wheel 5x5
Wheel Suspension 1x1 Icon.png
Wheel Suspension 1x1
Wheel Suspension 3x3 Icon.png
Wheel Suspension 3x3
Wheel Suspension 5x5 Icon.png
Wheel Suspension 5x5
Wide LCD Panel Icon.png
Wide LCD Panel
Window 1x1 Face Icon.png
Window 1x1 Face
Window 1x1 Flat Icon.png
Window 1x1 Flat
Window 1x1 Flat Inv Icon.png
Window 1x1 Flat Inv
Window 1x1 Inv Icon.png
Window 1x1 Inv
Window 1x1 Slope Icon.png
Window 1x1 Slope
Window 1x2 Face Icon.png
Window 1x2 Face
Window 1x2 Flat Icon.png
Window 1x2 Flat
Window 1x2 Flat Inv Icon.png
Window 1x2 Flat Inv
Window 1x2 Inv Icon.png
Window 1x2 Inv
Window 1x2 Side Left Icon.png
Window 1x2 Side Left
Window 1x2 Side Right Icon.png
Window 1x2 Side Right
Window 1x2 Slope Icon.png
Window 1x2 Slope
Window 2x3 Flat Icon.png
Window 2x3 Flat
Window 2x3 Flat Inv Icon.png
Window 2x3 Flat Inv
Window 3x3 Flat Icon.png
Window 3x3 Flat
Window 3x3 Flat Inv Icon.png
Window 3x3 Flat Inv