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The Galactic Federation
Cmdr. J. Calico
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((This is a description of a role play faction within the Space Engineers Game on the Retheria Galaxy Server. THIS IS NOT REAL.))

The Galactic Federation is the peacekeeping and governing force in the Retheria Galaxy. The Federation is a diplomatic government, but does have a military wing and substantial military assets, but mostly utilizes them in a security or police capacity. The Federation is mostly a scientific, exploratory agency and finances itself through mining minerals in space.

The Galactic Federation is based at Atlas Space Station (GRIDREF: X:0.00 Y: 0.00 Z: 0.00).

Atlas Station was founded in 2015 by the GFN-K-101 (The Black Knights[SGC]) Unit of The Galactic Federation. This is a Stargate Command Unit which uses Stargates to travel the galaxy and explore.

The Federation moved into the Retheria Galaxy Sector in 2015 in hopes of colonizing a happy and healthy civilian community with a thriving economy. The Retheria Sector (as the Galactic Federation refers to it), was once an uncolonized, ungoverned area of space, known for space piracy.

The Federation aims to clean up this sector and create a great thriving community.


Commander Jack Calico (FadedCalicoJack) Lieutenant Commander Derek (Suicidal Wings) Lieutenant Volkk [Engineering] (Volkkslate) Lieutenant Colb [Engineering] (Cobalt Juggernaut) Lieutenant Magiksan [Science] (Magiksan) Crewman Abdelrani (Abdelrani)