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Igneus Tempus (Founder)<br />
Igneus Tempus (Founder)<br />
Luna Ventus (Leader)<br />
Luna Ventus (Leader)<br />
Thunder (Leader)<br />

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Hydra Empire
Igneus Tempus
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Heil Hydra. We in Hydra is aiming the conquer the universe we are in, if that is something for you considering applying to Hydra. Policy: We dont have any rules really other than not messing with other peoples ship as they are kinda personal unless it is part of Hydra's Public ships. Diplomacy: We do not have peace with anyone, you either join ous or get raided/destroyed however we do Trading (ofc we wont shot when doing trading but we are prepare incase you try to scam ous.


Hydra is one of the oldest Civilization that has ever existed. it was what you consider leftovers from the ancient civilization that created the Latin language. The high ranking members in Hydra had access to immortality, They chose the mythical creature as a symbol for the Immortal Civilization.

As the Hydra could never be killed as it got stronger for everytime you tried to kill it. For centuries, Hydra where slowly controlling a huge amount of people with power just like each head had a prey

When Earth Finaly reached the space age in the year 2000. Hydra started secretly making a hidden base in an astroid as a research center for advanced Technology. By the time we reached 2100 year Hydra had allready started making ships with their new 4D advanced Technology that would allow them to create bigger ship than any other was able to do. They were also able to make ships faster than anyone, by using this new advance technology.


Igneus Tempus (Founder)
Luna Ventus (Leader)
Thunder (Leader)