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Komponenty są używane do budowania bloków w świecie gry. Są wytwarzane w stacji montażowej z materiałów.

Etapy przetwarzania
1 Rudy surowców
1 -> 2 Rafineria / Piec łukowy
2 Materiały
2 <-> 3 Stacja montażowa
3 Komponenty / Narzędzia

Lista komponentów

Nazwa Ikona Masa (kg) Objętość (l) Opis
200mm Missile Container/pl 200mm Missile Container Icon.png 45 60 Standard mid-sized rocket-propelled explosives used in Rocket Launchers, Reloadable Rocket Launchers, and Missile Turrets. Guaranteed to give someone a bad day.
25x184mm NATO Ammo Container/pl 25x184mm NATO Ammo Container Icon.png 35 16 Standard-sized light projectiles used in Gatling Guns and Gatling Turrets. Pound for pound, nothing scratches paint quite like a few magazines of the ol' 25mm rounds.
5.56x45mm NATO Magazine/pl 5.56x45mm NATO Magazine Icon.png 0.45 0.2 Standard-sized personal rifle rounds. Because sometimes the best scientific argument is an ad hominem.
Bulletproof Glass/pl Bulletproof Glass Icon.png 15 60 8 Thin wafers of silicon interwoven into a tough, nearly-transparent barrier. 60% of the time, it stops bullets every time.
Canvas/pl Canvas Icon.png 15 8 Consumed by Parachute Hatches when deploying parachutes.
Components/pl 64px
Computer/pl Computer Icon.png 0.2 1 1 A collection of easily programmed high-tech general-purpose processing cores. Still can't run Crysis.
Construction Component/pl Construction Component Icon.png 8 30 2 A collection of standard-sized, general-purpose doohickeys and thingamabobs that no engineering project can go without.
Detector Components/pl Detector Components Icon.png 5 4 6 An array of high-fidelity sensors designed to scan along many frequencies for intruders and friendlies alike.
Display/pl Display Icon.png 8 5 6 A standard-sized screen flexible enough to output a variety of information. Even comes in color!
Explosives/pl Explosives Icon.png 2 5 2 A complex, sturdy series of compartments holding highly volatile material. Use at your own risk.
Girder/pl Girder Icon.png 6 15 2 A sturdy beam that can be used to frame or reinforce less resilient materials.
Gravity Generator Components/pl Gravity Generator Components Icon.png 800 500 200 Extremely complex bleeding-edge tech that manages to actually create a manipulable gravity field around itself.
Interior Plate/pl Interior Plate Icon.png 3 15 5 Thin sheets of steel used to reinforce more delicate inner areas.
Large Steel Tube/pl Large Steel Tube Icon.png 25 60 38 A broad, thick, sturdy hollow cylinder. An integral component to many structures.
Medical Components/pl Medical Components Icon.png 150 70 160 Extremely large, extremely heavy boxes containing all sorts of emergency sutures, bandages, and needles.
Metal Grid/pl Metal Grid Icon.png 6 30 15 Sturdy pieces of interwoven steel that can double as electrical interfaces.
Motor/pl Motor Icon.png 24 40 8 A standard high-power rotational mechanical motor. Turns electricity into a surprising number of different movements.
Power Cell/pl Power Cell Icon.png 25 50 45 A dense, high-efficiency battery array. Can store electricity for an above-average length of time.
Radio-Communication Components/pl Radio-Communication Components Icon.png 8 15 70 Various broadcasting, receiving, and security modules wired together to keep remote systems in contact.
Reactor Components/pl Reactor Components Icon.png 25 20 8 High-density regulatory machinery that can harness the power of the atom.
Small Steel Tube/pl Small Steel Tube Icon.png 4 15 2 Small, pliable, surprisingly resilient tubing that can protect more fragile components.
Solar Cell/pl Solar Cell Icon.png 8 1 20 A small array of light-sensitive wafers that can help harness the energy of the sun.
Stalowa płytka Steel Plate Icon.png 20 100 3 Basic structural component used in a wide variety of components.
Superconductor Component/pl Superconductor Component Icon.png 15 5 8 It conducts electricity really well, so well it's called a superconductor.
Thruster Components/pl Thruster Components Icon.png 40 30 10 Reinforced and hardened mechanical parts that can withstand and direct the intense heat and energy of rocket boosters.



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