Historique des mises à jour

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Update 1.195: Sparks of the Future

Update 1.195/fr

Update 1.194.210: Hotfix

Update 1.194.210/fr

Update 1.194.209: Hotfix

Update 1.194.209/fr

Update 1.194.208: Hotfix

Update 1.194.208/fr

Update 1.194.207: Minor Update

Update 1.194.207/fr

Update 1.194: New Planet Triton, Visual Scripting Tool Overhaul & Frostbite Pack

Update 1.194/fr

Update 1.190.1: Minor Improvements

Update 1.190.1/fr

Update 1.190.0: Customizable LCD Screens, Replay Tool, and Decorative Pack

Update 1.190.0/fr

Update 1.189.043: Minor Improvements

Update 1.189.043/fr

Update 1.189.0: Major Overhaul of Survival, Ladders, Leaving Early Access

Update 1.189.0/fr

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