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missing damage per shot, max range, etc

Rifle shooting and item icon in toolbar

The Automatic Rifle is a hand-held weapon used in man-to-man combat. In Survival Mode, an Engineer must have some 5.56x45mm NATO Magazine ammo in their inventory to fire the Rifle, and will consume one magazine of ammo every 30 shots. Right-clicking while wielding the rifle will toggle use of the scope, which will narrow the player's FOV slightly and cause the player to hold the scope up to their eye. It does not currently require reloading, and whilst there appears to be little-to-no recoil when firing, it will push you back slightly if you fire while using the jetpack. This is most noticeable with the inertia dampeners turned off. In Creative Mode, the Automatic Rifle has infinite ammo.

Of the four hand-held tools, the Automatic Rifle is the only one which is not in an Engineer's inventory when they spawn; it must be created in an Assembler.