Update 1.184.3

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Beta Improvements

Minor Button.png 5 October 2017 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers! This week's minor release comes with some important general improvements. Issues fixed include a number of audio issues like wheel sounds playing even when a vehicle is not moving and choking sounds being heard by all players. Also, the Doppler Effect should now be heard correctly through your sound device of choice. Additionally, there’s some modding improvements; mods can now use WAV format audio instead of WXM.

Also, the game will now pause when you open the steam overlay, and will properly ignore keyboard input while the overlay is open.

Behind the scenes, the team is busy working towards some exciting major updates for the game as we approach the fourth year anniversary of Space Engineers. Stay tuned...


  • fixed crash when players were attempting to render and fast moving ship with respawn station
  • fixed crash when modifying their save .sbc files and attempting to go into setting in-game
  • fixed crash when certain Mech blueprints being destroyed would cause crash
  • removed certain ships from random encounters that cause sim speed drop
  • changed the large tube component model size
  • fixed loading screen background not scaling properly for all resolutions
  • fixed ESC button being registered when entering the steam overlay
  • fixed hitbox on astronaut being larger than intended
  • fixed GPS staying after looting the body before changing to a backpack
  • fixed blocks staying selected on DS when entering cockpit
  • fixed doppler effect not working for audio
  • fixed odd behavior for audio of first gatling shot not respecting distance
  • fixed grinder sound playing after grinding down block
  • fixed choking sounds being heard by all players
  • fixed wheel sounds playing despite the vehicle not moving
  • fixed audio files not being located for modded blocks