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Hello, Engineers! We are happy to announce that today we are releasing the first iteration of the new heads-up display. Firstly you will notice that the screen is much less cluttered now as lots of the informational text has been replaced with bars and icons. A notable feature is that the oxygen and hydrogen bars indicate how many bottles you have in your inventory that are capable of replenishing your personal supply. The HUD contains a new speedometer and inventory capacity bar which updates as you fill your character's backpack, while the main toolbar has had numerous visual changes made to it while still retaining elements of the classic style.

Red hazard icons for a full inventory, low health and low oxygen will appear to alert the player when these particular stats are in the danger zone and to the right of the main toolbar you will find the new gravity indicator which shows the gravitational plane orientation relative to your character, including a velocity marker that displays when you're moving. When seated on a ship or station, you will see the bars on the right side of the screen light up. These indicate the power usage and hydrogen fuel levels of that grid. It’s worth noting that pressing tab once will hide the keybindings and pressing tab again will hide all of the HUD as before. You can also change the opacity of the HUD background via the game options. Nearly every element of the user interface has been updated including the main menu, block screen, control panel and much more. You will notice new icons on all of these pages and screens too! Overall, the UI and HUD now looks much cleaner, higher quality and more immersive! Lastly, as mentioned in previous videos, the HUD is fully moddable so modders… go crazy!

We would love to know your thoughts, so please leave any feedback on the new heads-up display and user interface in the comments below. In the following weeks, we’ll be improving, tweaking and iterating upon them so it’s now super important for us to gather the community’s feedback.


  • New HUD, fully moddable
  • GUI cleanup with new default font
  • Example Mod: HUD Colors [1]
  • Example Mod: HUD Colors Large Cockpit Only [2]
  • Added slider for intensity of flares


  • fixed crash in CubeGridSystems
  • fixed issue with explosions making giant debris appear when hitting voxels
  • fixed issues concerning camera zooming when moving fast
  • fixed issues with camera alignment


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