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Hello, Engineers! This week’s update contains more improvements to the overall game and modding. For example, there’s new block models for the oxygen generator and corner lights. Also, the hitbox on small grid automated turrets has been reduced which should help when flying into smaller hangars and make the placement of them on the underside of ships much less problematic. We've been hard at work on the ModAPI and programmable block API. There's *hundreds* of changes, including many community requests, so please check the forum for the complete list. We’d like to say a massive thanks to Inflex, Elfi Wolfe, Phoenix84 and Malware for their contributions. Currently, the designers are finalizing concepts of the new HUD with implementation expected to start over the coming weeks. To top it all off, we’re planning to make the HUD much easier to mod so it’s definitely something to look forward to!


  • Updated models (Oxygen Generator, Corner Lights)
  • Small Turrets collisions changed (thanks to SEModder4 )
  • ModAPI and Programmable Block changes (massive thanks to Inflex, Elfi Wolfe, Phoenix84 and Malware; go to our Modding section for more details)


  • cleaned up old audio files
  • updated Assembler LODs
  • fixed memory issues on exit (Windows 10)
  • fixed seeing through geometry while pasting objects
  • fixed particle looping when shooting ground
  • fixed small Warhead collision model
  • fixed a hole in 1x1 window block
  • fixed Laser Antenna head flipping out
  • fixed DS Collision detection box on rotor construction not being wide enough
  • fixed opacity issues


  • fixed issue with offline world not being able to load
  • fixed a crash when spawning in space suit/planetary lander in Star System scenario on DS
  • fixed issue where Mars,Moon and Alien scenarios would not spawn you on the platforms.
  • fixed crash when pasting procedural asteroid