Update 01.170

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Hello, Engineers! This week’s update contains a large amount of fixes including a major one for landing gears which were having issues locking to both voxels and grids. The landing gears 3d model has also been adjusted so that the base of it is more central and does not protrude as much. There has also been other model improvements including updated models for the oxygen tank, blast furnace, upgrade modules and the spotlight. The sliding door block now has emissions that shows it’s status, bringing it in line with the standard door. Some of these changes were in fact made because of comments from the community. So thanks for all of the feedback and you can expect to see more of these visual tweaks in the coming weeks. Moving on, this week we will be adding materials into the ModSDK to fix issues with pink textures with some mods. We appreciate your patience with getting this solution out. Bugs fixed this week include not being able to interact with large reactor conveyor doors, issues when reloading worlds with pistons extended and camera view issues in multiplayer. Lastly, we resolved the issues of asteroids appearing in the empty world scenario by adding the option to start any scenario without asteroids. This setting can be found in the “World Generator” page before starting your world.


  • More Physics and Render Improvements
  • Updated Block Art


  • added MATERIALS in Mod SDK to fix pink texture issues for modders
  • updated AI Drones behavior
  • fixed Mag boots/Auto-jetpack activation issues
  • fixed flares appearing on the same position when pasting the ship
  • fixed Landing Gear model size
  • fixed Conveyor door on Large Reactor
  • fixed missing texture on Window 1x2 Side Left
  • fixed Merge block mountpoints
  • fixed character grinding animation
  • fixed clang with camera
  • fixed wrong armor deformations
  • fixed remote control/camera POV issues
  • fixed FOV resetting when using Interior Turret
  • fixed issues with pistons extending pistons while the world is reloading
  • fixed default settings for Empty World and Rival Platforms scenarios
  • fixed Corner light and Interior light not giving up any light
  • fixed Gamepad control issues
  • fixed Interior turret shooting through door
  • fixed asteroids settings for Empty world scenario
  • fixed Corner LCD 2 rotating issues
  • fixed Small Conveyor Tubes being aligned wrong during building
  • fixed Merge Block not working within the same grid
  • fixed issues with merge blocks and flares
  • fixed odd Sabiroid behavior
  • fixed Hydrogen Thruster issues with resource sink
  • fixed changing cockpit color (pink interior)
  • fixed loading of custom worlds screens
  • fixed G screen (Small Conveyor Tube, Small Conveyor, Small Curved Conveyor Tube)
  • fixed wrong gyroscope color
  • fixed Interior Block rotation
  • fixed emmisivity for Sliding Door
  • fixed accessing control panel when conveyor is attached

Hotfixes 170.005

-fixed issue with corrupted world when saving in 3rd person camera -fixed issue with timer block not saving its settings when built from projection