Update 01.169

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Hello, Engineers! This week’s update contains some major improvements to the the physics engine and optimizations to voxel performance. Notably, wheels have been given some much needed attention as well as pistons and rotors. Standing and walking around on a fast moving ship should be more stable and you may also notice that you can finally use a piston as a moving platform. Before this update, you character would just slide off. Voxel performance has been increased by around 60% so you should see more gains in FPS on planets.


  • Physics engine improvements
  • Voxel performance optimizations
  • Added updated icons for Automatic Rifle, Welder, Grinder and Drill
  • Added cosmetic changes for components


  • fixed Large Grid Large Reactor had faulty conveyor doors
  • fixed GPS serialization, cut scenes in MP, Highlights in MP in Visual Scripting
  • fixed issue with small landing gear missing dummies
  • fixed issue with faulty mount points on small conveyors
  • fixed issues with campaign missions and being able to complete them
  • fixed off setting of astronaut when using jet pack animation
  • fixed issues with the Silicon voxel texture
  • fixed issues with the RocksDesert voxel texture
  • minor redesign to the Spotlight block