Update 01.164

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Hello Engineers! Today, we have more bug fixes for you. We are extremely busy preparing some pretty big updates coming in the next couple of weeks and we hope that you’ve all had time to experiment with the new multiplayer prototypes that we made available last update. Since then, there’s been an incredible amount of useful feedback posted across various platforms and we thank everyone for their help. The teams were able to gather large amounts of information from the crashes and bugs that may have been difficult to find had these evaluations not been public.

For this patch, we tweaked the balance of ships drills by slightly reducing the drill radius but increasing their speed, making the changes to voxels smoother. The bugs fixed this week include more situations of piston heads breaking off, interior turrets aiming above their target, soundblocks not remembering their selection upon reload of worlds, and small grid small conveyor tubes not having mountpoints on all sides. Lastly we resolved the issue stopping players from pasting builds from the development version of the game in the stable version.


  • bugfixes


  • tweaked mining with ship drills to have smaller radius and to dig faster
  • fixed issue with piston heads breaking off in certain situations
  • fixed issue on small grid "Small Conveyor Tube" blocks not having mountpoints on every surface
  • fixed issue where GetVelocityAtPoint gets wrong values with safetylock o
  • fixed issue where you lost control of turrets when killing mobs
  • fixed issue with camera clipping into the jetpack in 3rd person view
  • fixed issue where you were unable to paste build from development version
  • fixed issue where soundblock would not remember its selection when reloading save game
  • fixed issue with welders not working due to ownership not being set up correctly
  • fixed issue with interior turrets aiming above the target
  • fixed issue when renaming save files the load game menu would not update properly
  • fixed issue with achievement Giant Leap for Mankind resseting when exiting game
  • fixed issue when using Xbox controller causing the configuration of the game to reset