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Hey Engineers! In today’s update to the development branch, we're releasing the first batch of render improvements. Proper PBR rendering has been introduced, along with adding Nvidia HBAO, static decals on models, and tons of other features and improvements. Please keep in mind that this is still work in progress - more improvements and optimizations are on the way. We would also like to ask for your feedback and bug reports in the bug section of our forums: http://forum.keenswh.com/forums/bug-reports.326950/ Thanks a lot in advance! The main area of bug fixing this week was reducing memory leaks on planets. Other bugs fixed include sabiroids being able to dig into grids, animation of ship dampeners not showing and freezes caused by sabiroids and cargo ships. Enjoy! Also, as part of our visual tweaking, cyberhounds have been changed to wolves. Please note: The development branch used by players who want to play with weekly updates has been renamed to "develop" as it better matches our internal naming conventions for the branches.


  • Renderer Improvements
  • bugfixes

Render improvements

  • Detailed blog post: http://blog.marekrosa.org/2016/08/guest-post-by-jan-hlousek-vrage-render_25.html
  • proper PBR rendering
  • added HBAO from nVidia
  • added static decals on models
  • new tonemapping / colorization effects
  • added atmosphere coverage of skybox in day time, re-tweaked all atmospheres
  • improved voxel rendering
  • improved spotlight shadows
  • improved bloom
  • improved emissivity
  • improved direct and ambient lighting and shadowing
  • improved grass rendering * work in progress
  • improved decals on glass (damage visuals appearing when shooting the glass)
  • improved impostor rendering (trees in distance) * work in progress
  • data driven setup of renderer (through environment.sbc)


  • reduced memory leaks on planets
  • updated all sound blocks to be less hardware demanding.
  • removed "red and orange" dots particle effect from alien grass
  • added correct conveyor/block icon
  • fixed cargo ship freeze
  • fixed sabroid freeze
  • fixed override on Ion Thrusters not showing animation
  • fixed dampeners animation not showing
  • fixed shaking of camera when shooting and hitting enemies
  • fixed swapping of tool level in creative while exiting/entering cockpit
  • fixed inactive landing gear still showing that it is ready to lock even tho it is not possible
  • fixed that RMB does not reset options to their default in the Options menu
  • fixed camera overlay not switching when HUD is turned off
  • fixed "ghost" drill that kept working after disconnecting from drill
  • fixed turret not resetting to idle movement after shooting at target
  • fixed turret not responding to players joining its faction in front of it
  • fixed spiders being able to dig into grid
  • fixed being able to still type to panels that were deleted/grinded
  • fixed lander oxygen levels not being correct during descent
  • fixed control panel issue with items not being displayed due to scroll bar issues
  • fixed bad precision with build block when far from center of the universe
  • fixed checkbox for destructible blocks not being saved
  • fixed that texts is auto highlighted when splitting resources in your inventory
  • fixed Atmospheric Lander dampeners not working when going up in a gravity well

Hotfix Development version 1.150.001

  • Fixed issue with models refering to vanilla textures,for mods,not loading properly
  • Fixed a bug with weird colors (with disabled FXAA)
  • Fixed "metalness" of gbuffer in DrawTextToMaterial
  • Fixed that hardcoded size MyDeferredRenderContext was true
  • Fixed particles lights that were broken in VT
  • Fixed crash fix for DS with new render
  • Fixed 3000RPM on rotors (sorry!)