Update 01.131

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21 April 2016


This week's update brings you much improved HUD markers which means less text-spam and clutter on your screen while playing. Also all the markers now render by depth order, fade in & out and group together according to the situation and player's orientation. We will keep improving this system in the future though and we welcome your feedback! We also made significant voxel modification optimizations this week, so there should be less stuttering, lagging and freezing when changes to voxels are happening (e.g. mining and explosions). And last, but not least, our modding community on github continues with the improvements of the programmable block/ModAPI. Plus we just updated the github source with the fresh game code ;) Thanks again guys!


  • improved HUD markers
  • voxel modification optimizations
  • Space Master now has the option to delete all floating objects
  • improved programmable block

HUD Marker behavior

  • less text spam; markers now fade their titles out when not looking at them and their distance label is reduced in size
  • signal grouping; signals that are very far away are now clustered into a single signal on the screen with a small summary of what it contains
  • signal type symbology; signals now also show their relationship to the player through a symbol, instead of just colors. This should also be helpful if you are color blind
  • signals now render by depth order, which means the nearest signal is always on top of the stack. This slightly improves readability in the case of many signals on a pile
  • exclamation marks next to an icon indicate hostile contact within 1km of that location
  • holding Alt will reveal all text tags like you saw with the old HUD system


  • fixed crash when loading world
  • fixed flashing highlight remain on if you move cursor to older cube hatch
  • fixed wrong camera when in remote
  • fixed jump drive still draining power when turned off
  • fixed blocks are not deleted in limited world
  • fixed wrong tooltips in edit screen
  • fixed camera get's into characters head in cockpit
  • fixed camera gets into characters face when flying
  • fixed bug with infinite Inventory
  • fixed spherical generator max. power is negative
  • fixed serious simulation speed drops caused by new particles
  • running time information is now available as a double instead of a long (Malware)
  • fixed a bug where clients would cause servers to reload their PB scripts (Malware)
  • added the ability to check if a player is an admin or a promoted user via ModAPI (Rexxar)

Update 01.131.007

  • fixed crash in physics
  • fixed crash in conveyor system
  • fixed crash with pistons
  • fixed crash with wheels
  • fixed crash with spotlights
  • fixed merged or out-of-screen gps signals are hard to find
  • fixed spherical gravity generator eats too much power
  • fixed exploit in MOD API
  • fixed assemblers don't start from battery power
  • fixed crash with IsAdmin and IsPromoted (scripting)
  • fixed dots of different textures on planets