Update 01.130

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14 April 2016


This week brings the cargo ships back to all worlds with planets! You can enable them again in the world options. Another major feature is the next step in our multiplayer optimization - server side ship control with client side prediction. That means if there is any spike on the server your ships will slow down, but after the spike is gone the ship will regain its original speed. We also added the ability to re-attach piston heads back to piston bases (in the same way you can add wheels) and implemented more Programmable Block improvements. Many thanks to all the modders and community members that are again working with us on github source code - you guys are the best modding community we could wish for! :)


  • server side ship control with client side prediction
  • re-enabled cargo ships (community contribution by Rexxar)
  • added the ability to add piston heads back to pistons, in the same way you can add wheels (community contribution by Phoenix84)
  • fixed several Programmable Block issues and added a last running time indicator (community contribution by Malware)


  • fixed crash when loading game saved when in camera
  • fixed crash when pasting grid that has the drills turned on
  • fixed crash when executing script in PB
  • fixed sound of ejecting piston still playing
  • fixed incorrect cockpit selection for respawn ships
  • fixed sound of explosions missing after a while
  • fixed cyber hounds not barking
  • fixed scripts in programmable block broke saving
  • fixed welder is not getting components from cargo container
  • fixed toolbar button status text missing
  • fixed ammo is not falling when turret is ground down
  • fixed when the player spawns in space suit, camera (spectator) is far from player
  • fixed leaning animation not smooth
  • fixed particle of breaking drill is played before drill is broken
  • fixed armor blocks have smaller render distance than other blocks
  • fixed navigation tab is overlapping
  • fixed typo in cubeblocks.sbc
  • fixed air vent emissivity is not correct when painted red
  • fixed armor edges flip
  • fixed rounded blocks do not look nice