Update 01.076

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2 April 2015

We have broadened the oxygen options in the game. Now, there can be oxygen inside small ships and cockpits. Additionally, there is an oxygen level on the player’s suit (available only in survival mode and only if enabled in options). The character will have to breathe oxygen in order to survive. If the level drops to 0, he will lose health. Oxygen can be replenished in the medical room or through oxygen bottles, which can be replenished in oxygen tanks or oxygen generators. Lastly, there is a Space Ball that bounces inside the game!!!!

Important note for modders: We changed the mechanics of spawning in medical rooms, so all modded medical rooms should include: dummy detector_respawn in order to spawn the player as the default medical room.


  • Space Ball
  • oxygen for small ships and cockpits
  • suit’s oxygen level
  • Oxygen Bottle (inventory item)
  • med bay conveyors (to transfer oxygen)
  • enclosed cockpit conveyors (to transfer oxygen)
  • re-spawn screen shows level of oxygen around medical rooms
  • suit consumes less energy when helmet is off
  • character with helmet off will not die when energy is 0 (must be inside pressurized room)
  • moddable number of subparts for hangar doors
  • new features for air vents in ModAPI/Ingame programming


  • fixed asteroid lag
  • fixed turret lag caused by lasers
  • fixed loss of grid physics
  • fixed airtight hangar doors not venting oxygen when not fully closed
  • fixed GPS staying on HUD when unchecked
  • fixed air vent venting when it is OFF
  • fixed oxygen only passing through connectors on the same grid
  • fixed incorrect oxygen level reported on projection
  • fixed ice not fall from oxygen generator
  • fixed spawn in medical room
  • fixed hanger door looping sound

Update 01.075.006 (03/27/2015)

  • fixed oxygen balance (lower oxygen consumption)
  • fixed oxygen auto-refill is not synced
  • fixed oxygen auto-refill working without energy
  • fixed oxygen bottles notification in MP
  • fixed getting damaged when sitting in cockpit without helmet