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Royal Eckarthian Military Forces
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Arcturus Sector
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The Royal Eckarthian Military

The Royal Eckarthian Military Engineers

The Royal Eckarthian Military Engineers (R.E.M.-E for short) is the military engineer's branch of the Royal Eckarthian Military Forces (R.E.M. for short). Members of the branch who wear navy uniform comprise the Corps of The Royal Eckarthian Engineers (R.E.E. for short).

The mission of the Eckarthian Military Engineers is to contribute to the survival, mobility, and combat effectiveness of the Eckarthian Military Forces. Their roles are to conduct combat operations, support the Eckarthian Forces in war and peace, support national development, provide assistance to civil authorities, and support international aid programs. The Eckarthian Military engineers’ responsibilities encompass the use of demolitions, the design, construction and maintenance of defensive works and fortifications, urban operations (hostile room entry), breaching obstacles, establishing/maintaining lines of communication, and bridging. They also provide water, power, and other utilities, provide fire, aircraft crash and rescue services, hazardous material operations, and develop maps and other engineering intelligence. In addition, the Eckarthian military engineers are experts in deception and concealment, as well as in the design and development of equipment necessary to carry out these operations.

  • Primary: To permit friendly forces to live, move and fight on the field of battle and to deny the same to the enemy.
  • Secondary: To fight and die as infantry when required.


To join the Eckarthian Military Forces, requirements have been put in place to ensure we obtain quality members. To submit an application for recruitment to the Eckarthian Military Forces please fill out the Eckarthian Military Recruitment Application.

You must own a copy of Space Engineers
(Note: Having a copy of Medieval Engineers is also good)
At least 21 years of age
Working Microphone and willingness to use said working microphone
Creative mind (or not)
Ability to work with others (or at least try to work with others)
Ability to follow orders and directions
Willingness to participate in Faction Events


Rank Name
FADM. Evanbot01