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Amalgamated Industries
Wonko the Sane;
The Winchester Kid; George
Faction Type:
Industrial, Commercial
and Science
E-mail Contact:
Steam Group:
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  • Amalgamated Industries is pleased to announce that due to a new partnership with Youthworks, The Industrial Complex will be open for employees within the next month. The sector will be open only during some hours until Amalgamated Industries is confident that automated defence systems are sufficient to deter pirates
  • Amalgamated Industries is would like to congratulate Raging_Bees on his upgrade to full member. Raging_Bees will be applying for the role of Chief Cargo Co-ordinator. Best of luck, Raging_Bees.
  • Amalgamated Industries has combined the similar areas of psychology and security. Therefore E-Man720 is now applying for the role of Chief Security Officer. Good luck, E-Man720.
  • Amalgamated Industries would like to request that new applicants be very specific in their applications to amalgamated_industries@hotmail.comdue to the extremely high volume of junk mail received by the address. If any applicants have received no word back, we apologise, we just did not think that a Nigerian prince would be applying

Other News

  • Amalgamated Industries would like to remind all pirates about the recent disappearance of Pluto and the complete lack of evidence that Amalgamated Industries was in any way involved.
  • Amalgamated Industries has changed to another online consultant due to a misleading headline on this news feed. Rest assured, the crew of the AIS Veneer are under no threat from a monster. They are simply under quarantine due to an illness caused by the Haddock Surprise
  • Amalgamated Industries has created a new, non-lethal, infectious disease, which we have named Wonkitis in honour of our CEO. In a related story, Haddock Surprise will no longer be served by any Amalgamated Industries kitchens until further notice.
  • Amalgamated Industries employees will be given office space in the new home sector. Contact The Winchester Kid for more information
  • Amalgamated Industries has lost its bid for a new librarian to the LMS Explorers who paid 9.3 million ESC
  • Amalgamated Industries is declaring open hostilities against Space Engineer Jackshalak. All employees should consider destruction of this engineer and associated property to be of the highest priority, with the exception of instructions from senior employees
  • Amalgamated Industries has made an offer to the owners of Modular Industries.

About Amalgamated Industries

Amalgamated Industries is a major corporation that owns and operates a number of subsidiary companies including The Space Construction Alliance and The Sol Coalition. Contrary to popular opinion, we do not conduct any human testing of any kind at any of our biological research facilities. We instead aim to continue to produce a large range of products of a cosmonautical nature and provide services in various fields. Our research and development team is always conceiving new ways to utilise highly manufacturable parts, making construction of large objects easier and cheaper than ever. Amalgamated Industries also manages a large-scale construction department which is available for hire for any lucrative customers, as well as allowing Amalgamated Industries to manufacture all it's own equipment, ships and stations. This was made necessary when slanderous accusations of corporate blackmail made reputable businesses reluctant to take our contracts.

All ships and boats in the Amalgamated Industries fleet are required by law to be unarmed, save for defences required to defend against a worst-case scenario of pirate attack. This is still a considerable armament due to our hostile relationship with multiple pirate organisations. As such, the largest of our ships carry enough destructive firepower to annihilate a dwarf planet. This is despite all allegations of our our involvement of the disappearance of Pluto because Amalgamated Industries won that particular court case. Amalgamated Industries ships and stations will use the prefix AIS (Amalgamated Industries Ship/Station) or variations thereupon to identify themselves.

Amalgamated Industries has its very own mid-size sector on the outer edge of the Solar System's Main Asteroid Belt (SSMAB). This is a strictly non-military installation and has armament enough for pirate defence only, much like our ships. Amalgamated Industries has laid claim to this sector, and papers have been filed in order to officiate legal ownership. The sector will only be operable during construction hours to avoid attention from outside individuals or factions. Once construction has advanced sufficiently for the station to defend itself from pirates, the sector will be open to all employees 24/7 ETU. This sector will be available as a home away from home for all Amalgamated Industries employees and will be equipped for refuelling, construction and general repairs. These facilities will also be available to other factions and private users at a price. Amalgamated Industries denies all reports of sabotage to visiting ships at these facilities. Improper use of one's ship after departation is not our responsibility, as our legal team has recently proven.



As previously mentioned we are currently at war with several pirate factions, including The Reapers; The Evil Wiki Alliance; and most recently, Gotta Get The Rocks. We are also on hostile terms with The Imperium and Vision Fear, warmongering and pirate bands, pending negotiations. Should any employees come into contact with any member of any of these factions, they are to contact a senior member off staff and await further instructions. DO NOT, under any circumstances, engage in any hostile actions without unanimous approval of the Amalgamated Industries board of directors.


We also enjoy a number of fruitful partnerships with the following factions: The Wiki Alliance, NeverCast, BinaryTech Coalition, Blue Wolves, Aetherilian Space Industries and Delta Ship Design. Do not engage in hostile actions unless ordered to by a senior member of staff or to act in defence of Amalgamated Industries or self.


All other factions are considered neutral and are of little concern to Amalgamated Industries. Do not engage in hostile actions unless: you are ordered to by a senior member of staff; you are acting in defence of Amalgamated Industries or self, including defence against non-physical attack; you receive information regarding possible hostilities by neutral faction towards Amalgamated Industries or self; you have a large strategic advantage and there is a large reward; you really, really want to.


Amalgamated Industries is open to negotiations from any faction. We will, however refuse to take sides in any war between factions unless directly engaged. We maintain a friendly or neutral standing with most factions but this is not a guarantee of Amalgamated Industries support during a time of war. Any faction with which we are allied has the right to request our aid in such a situation however Amalgamated Industries reserves the right to refuse aid if: allied faction is at war with another allied or friendly faction; allied faction has refused aid to Amalgamated Industries under similar circumstances; Amalgamated Industries is physically unable to provide adequate support for any reason; battle outcome predictions are less than 50% favourable. Amalgamated Industries is open to all trade with friendly or allied factions and limited trade with neutral factions.

Amalgamated Industries will mirror any negative change in standing and negotiate all positive changes in standing. This does not apply to general standings, which will always be mirrored until otherwise negotiated.



All applications should be addressed to The Winchester Kid the Amalgamated Industries all-purpose contact e-mail address, amalgamated_industries@hotmail.com. Our Steam group is open to all but there is a short test consisting of three questions which must be adequately completed to be recognised as a full member and to appear on this page under "Members". While our current situation means we will be considering all applications, experience in the field you wish to enter is preferred, but not required. Combat experience is highly preferred, simulated combat experience will do. The only other requirement for all applicants is possession of all necessary hardware and software required to engineer in space. No further applications will be accepted containing the word "fart" unless used in a contextually relevant statement.

Perks and Expectations

As part of the Amalgamated Industries company, you will have access to official Amalgamated Industries ships, stations, designs and materials for any officially approved Amalgamated Industries ventures. During employment hours, all employees will be required to wear official Amalgamated Industries uniforms and utilises only official Amalgamated Industries equipment without official Amalgamated Industries clearance to do otherwise. All materials collected on employment hours belongs to Amalgamated Industries. This material will be used for official Amalgamated Industries ship and station design and construction, and may be requested by any full member.

As an employee of Amalgamated Industries you are entitled to protection from all non-Amalgamated Industries personnel in the event of hostilities. This applies to all members at all times, provided you have followed correct procedure outlined under "Relations". All employees are entitled to request materials from Amalgamated Industries for private constructions and private constructions of employees may use the prefix AIES (Amalgamated Industries Employee Ship/Station). Furthermore, upon official Amalgamated Industries approval, employees will have access to Amalgamated Industries equipment for private use, again, providing correct procedure outlined under "Relations" is followed. Finally, all employees will have full, middle-priority access to any Amalgamated Industries stations/ships for the purpose of refuelling, repairing and refitting of their private ships.

All employees are expected to perform their roles when required, if they have been officially recognised as actually having one. All employees are required to comply with any official instruction from any Amalgamated Industries leader. All employees are required to assist any other employees requesting aid of any kind providing that employee has followed correct procedure outlined under "Relations", unless otherwise directed by an Amalgamated Industries leader.

All new employees will be compulsorily implanted with a permanent heart monitor from now on. This is a legal requirement of all employees due to a case involving a reduction in staff and accusations of medical experimentation. Amalgamated Industries maintains that this is nothing more than rumour and here-say and will be lodging an appeal as soon as the party in the legal office is over.


Amalgamated Industries offers a wide variety of positions within the company. These include active roles in areas such as construction or piloting to passive roles such as design and strategy, as well as unseen roles, such as negotiations or 'negotiations'. Only full members may apply for a role. To apply for a role, simply use the Amalgamated Industries contact E-mail above, explaining what role you would like within the company. If the role you would like is not listed above, try applying for it anyway. We are more than happy to create new roles for Amalgamated Industries. You will be required to complete a small test in order to prove your capability in that area. If you pass, your new role will be officially recognised under "Members". You may be employed in multiple roles, provided that performing one role does not limit your capacity to fulfil your duties in other roles. We are not hiring Janitors. We have one already. We are, however, still looking for one more member for our legal team, specialising in space compensation claims. We also have desperate need for a librarian.


  • Wonko the Sane, CEO
  • The Winchester Kid, Head of Hiring and Firing
  • George, Janitor, Major Shareholder
  • Langley the Bruce, Legal
  • J.J., Legal
  • Abe Bathysphere, Legal
  • Vivek, Recruit
  • E-Man720, Recruit
  • Raging_Bees, Recruit