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* Fixed invisible character on older GPUs
* Fixed invisible character on older GPUs
==Minor update 1.194.207==
* "Open in the browser" is more visible while focused in Help screen tutorials
* Added a few full oxygen bottles to Frostbite to help players breathing in high altitude areas
* Added ability to change ordering of saved games with gamepad
* Added Area interaction to game options (ON by default)
* Added gamepad help to Contract Administration screen
* Added gamepad help to Server Details screen
* Added gamepad hints to Contract administration screen
* Added inventory filter info for gamepad
* Added inventory items help in tooltip for gamepad
* Added missing gamepad controls to Advanced gamepad help
* Added more ammunition to certain heavy drones in Frostbite
* Added paste GPS into chat feature for gamepad
* Added Production help in tooltip for gamepad
* Added tab gamepad help to Advanced Server search screen
* Added tab gamepad help to Contract screen
* Added tab gamepad help to New Game screen
* Added tab gamepad help to Store block screen
* Added Vertical thrust (Flight alternative) into help
* Adjusted airtightness for Gate block and added front and back mount points
* Adjusted font size on Archives trailer LCDs in Frostbite
* Adjusted weather loop for Frostbite to not contain heavy fog and shortened heavy snow
* Blueprints can be unequipped by Empty Hand in the Radial menu
* Changed how objects in the world are highlighted by default to distance from crosshair based system (Currently on floating objects only)
* Changed various controls (Dampeners, Car jump, Block size) for gamepad
* Clarified in what units the duration is in Economy Contracts administration screen
* Color picker now has only one correct shortcut: RB-DPadDown on gamepad
* Help screen (fonts and icons) are bigger so it's easier to read on big screen
* New help videos added for gamepad
* Removed obsolete development Share with all groups from Frostbite
* Removed the ability to grind down starting drop ship in Frostbite
* Simplified Blueprint screen, Info and Edit merged into one tab
* Updated Polish translation (including scenarios)
* Updated Russian localization
* Updated Spanish translation (including scenarios)
* Fixed a another crash in Frostbite weather
* Fixed a couple crashes with modded turrets
* Fixed a crash if a scene is unloaded faster than all voxel updates finish
* Fixed a crash in Frostbite weather while switching respawn points too fast
* Fixed a crash in VST treating Longs as Ints
* Fixed a crash on a ladder while remote controlling a grid
* Fixed a crash when client loses connection while in terminal
* Fixed a crash when teleporting while on a ladder
* Fixed a crash when trying to replace cloud blueprint with empty clipboard
* Fixed crash at System.Text.StringBuilder.ToString
* Fixed crash at VRage.Render11.Resources.MyDeferredRenderContextManager.AcquireRC
* Fixed crash at VrTailor.VrTailor_Sew
* Fixed being stuck in control panel by switching from production screen with a gamepad
* Fixed being unable to scroll news using gamepad
* Fixed blueprint screen always showing some blueprint description, even with no blueprints being shown due to filters
* Fixed blueprint size info in blueprint screen to correct units (MB)
* Fixed cloud blueprints not being possible to replace
* Fixed Contextual music not playing after turning it Off/On in Options
* Fixed Control seat near reactor being accessible to players
* Fixed Convert to Station being enabled for small grids in some cases
* Fixed Engineer's ragdoll on far away coordinates
* Fixed focus highlights in control panel persisting and accumulating when closing and opening terminal
* Fixed formating of Air vent detail info when oxygen is disabled
* Fixed Frostbite archive drone falling down due to incorrect sensor ownership
* Fixed Frostbite medical room quest to complete successfully
* Fixed game incorrectly claiming mod size being 18 exabytes when downloading big mods (over Int32 max size in bytes)
* Fixed hand tools tooltips not showing gamepad shortcuts
* Fixed hidden items in terminal influencing navigation via arrows/gamepad
* Fixed highlights in Frostbite remaining when they should disappear
* Fixed in-game workshop browser not being optimized for 4:3 ratio resolutions
* Fixed incorrect shortcut being displayed for Voxel hand settings
* Fixed Ion thrusters effect if cut off from power
* Fixed Lost Colony max player count being changeable while the scenario is running already
* Fixed memory leak in in-game help
* Fixed missing gamepad hints in Star System Respawn screen
* Fixed missing gamepad icons in gamepad help
* Fixed missing LT/RT hints in character screen
* Fixed Mission 1 cutscene switching to 1st person view for a moment
* Fixed not being possible to focus and scroll description of the BP with gamepad
* Fixed overlapping elements in Voxel hand settings
* Fixed production screen queue resetting the scrollbar whenever a new item is being produced
* Fixed production screen recipes/blueprints not showing resources needed when using gamepad
* Fixed Rename blueprint screen not being gamepad friendly
* Fixed Respawn screen and character GUI overlapping in Never Surrender
* Fixed shading on Armory block
* Fixed sliders not being responsive to keyboard and gamepad inputs
* Fixed small rocket launcher having see through textures in the front
* Fixed triggers not being deleted with entities in scenarios
* Fixed typo "Maintainance" in Frostbite landing site
* Fixed typo in Frostbite "Section B Gargo Bay"
* Fixed voxel hand sliders not being settable to 100
* Fixed Voxel hand terrain auto-level tool not working properly with gamepads
* Fixed Voxel hand terrain auto-level tool setting overlap
* Fixed VST disallowing String variables on arithmetic nodes
* Fixed world size info in Load game screen to correct units (MB)
* Fixed Yield module having broken textures on the pipes
===Fixed issues from our Support site===
* Fixed a crash when trying to load a certain world
* Fixed a crash when using scripts to manually find targets for turrets
* Fixed Admin Panel Scroll List
* Fixed an issue in Remote Control screen preventing remote control of grids
* Fixed camera control hint visible with disabled control hints
* Fixed characters falling through the ground
* Fixed Frostbite drones emitting clicking sounds when using actions on their remote control toolbar
* Fixed placement alignment not changing top text correctly
* Fixed projections wobbling around when far away from world center
* Fixed ship toolbar not being saved for client upon reload
* Fixed Small grid control seat not having access to pressurised oxygen in the environment
* Fixed Turrets visually shooting in previews/projections
===Known issues:===
Crash on older Windows 7 machines – Please ensure that you are running the most recent Windows 7 build.
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New Planet Triton, Visual Scripting Tool Overhaul & Frostbite Pack

Major Button.png 19 March 2020 Forum Post


Hello, Engineers! Here we go with the first major update of 2020 - we hope you’ll enjoy it!

We added Small Hydrogen Tank and a handcrafted planet Triton, which features a breathtaking snowy and frozen landscape, that players can explore and build across. We are very fortunate to have such a creative and driven modding community. We recently had the opportunity to work closely with a member of that community, the incredibly talented Jakaria. The result is Scripted Weather, which you can experience now, in the new Frostbite scenario!

Visual Scripting Tool has been reworked - it is provided to our players to allow them to create their own campaigns, stories and more complex experience than it is possible with modding and programmable blocks. This tool’s UI has been redone and major bugs in Visual Scripting Tool, as well as the scripting engine, have been fixed.

We also added full support for Gamepad, changed UI visuals, done more Simulation and Render optimizations and much more!

Frostbite Pack DLC

Similar to our previous major releases, we decided to give you an opportunity to support the further development of Space Engineers. We have created a pack which consists of cosmetic items and the Frostbite scenario designed to enrich your game visually. None of the things in the package brings any advantage to players who purchase this DLC. The price of the Frostbite Pack is $3.99 USD, or your regional Steam equivalent, so if you wish to support us, check out the Frostbite Pack.

Frostbite Scenario

You are a member of a salvage crew, which has been tasked by a mysterious client to acquire something extremely valuable (yet unknown) on Triton. Play solo or with up to four players; explore this moon’s frigid landscape and remarkable architecture, and overcome numerous engineering challenges as you uncover this world’s secrets. The scenario gives you several hours of gameplay. We’d also like to thank several members of the Space Engineers community, who contributed voice-over recordings for the new Frostbite scenario: Naburine and DirectedEnergy of Ball&ChainGaming & Misfit Studios (creators of Protocol 51), Nathan "Silverbane" Steen, Skyler "Gorhamian" Gorham, Jacob "wearsglasses" Ruttenberg

Features & Improvements

  • Visual Scripting Tool overhaul; Guide: https://www.spaceengineersgame.com/visual-scripting-tool.html
  • Small Hydrogen Tank (for both Large and Small Grid)
  • New Planet: Triton (spawnable through admin spawn menu)
  • Scripted Weather Effects
  • New Workshop Browser screen instead of Steam overlay
  • Added 3rd person zoom speed slider into Controls (0-100%)
  • Full support for Gamepad
  • Added Gamepad help and hints to the UI
  • Added Gamepad scheme feature. You can change Gamepad scheme in the Controls screen.
  • Added invert Y options (Controls screen) for controller
  • Crosshair can now be hidden with the UI (can be set in Game Options)
  • Control Stations block now switches view to 3rd person view by default
  • Shooting is now possible while sprinting, but slows down sprint to run speed
  • Servers should now be less likely in a state where they stop responding while connecting, downloading mods, etc.
  • Changed Reactor block description to better inform players about Uranium
  • UI visual changes
  • Color Picker screen has its own control binding now
  • Simulation and Render optimizations
  • CPU particles support removed
  • Controls changes to be more user friendly (the first screen)

The Frostbite Pack DLC

  • Frostbite Scenario (co-op, up to 4 online players)
  • Frozen Armor Skin
  • Antenna Dish Block
  • Gate Block
  • Offset Door Block
  • 6 different Dead Astronaut Blocks (Freight Container alternatives)
  • Emotes: Check Wrist and Cold
  • 7 LCD Posters

Visual Scripting Tool - Features & Changes

  • Added a node for setting saving to enabled/disabled
  • Added ability to add existing scripts
  • Added ability to rename triggers in-game
  • Added BlockAction event
  • Added color differentiation to connections
  • Added Delay node
  • Added function nodes into Toolbox
  • Added GetAdmins node
  • Added GetEntitiesInSphere node
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for spawning nodes
  • Added new List types
  • Added nodes GetPlayersID and GetPlayerCount
  • Added Object reference enumeration
  • Added OnBlockDamaged event
  • Added Parse nodes
  • Added possibility to spawn prefabs in gravity
  • Added scenario editor entity organizer
  • Added Search all / Find functionality to the editor
  • Added SetPlayerHelmetStatus node
  • Added StoreList and LoadList
  • Added support for opening older scripts
  • Content directory is now pre-selected by default
  • Improved in-game scripting tool (IST) gizmo to always keep relative size regardless of distance from camera
  • Improved scenario editor performance with large graphs
  • Increased usability of a comment node
  • Made multi-select more consistent
  • Scenarios can now be run directly from VST
  • Streamlined New scenario creation
  • Triggers can now be attached to blocks directly as opposed to whole grids


  • Fixed Dedicated Server auto-restart not working when the server was started as a service
  • Fixed a crash which could occur when opening control panel
  • Fixed a crash when an oxygen tank refils an oxygen bottle
  • Fixed a crash when clicking into a multi-line text field
  • Fixed a Programmable Block script crashing the game
  • Fixed a turret in second First Jump mission not rotating towards the character
  • Fixed sensor range not persisting through save/reload when set to values below 1
  • Fixed whisper conversations being visible to everyone in the Lobby
  • Fixed missing or not updating detail info on blocks
  • Fixed trash removal taking all connected grids when removing grids belonging to inactive players
  • Fixed infinite "Waiting for server to respond" for reconnecting unbanned players
  • Fixed wheeled vehicles controls getting stuck when opening UI while driving/braking
  • Fixed NPC station safezones not despawning correctly when there are no players/grids around
  • Fixed safezone whitelist not being propagated to others
  • Fixed production queue rearrangement also responding to dragging the items into inventory
  • Fixed emmisive colors on conveyor tubes
  • Fixed armor skins affecting LCDs
  • Fixed vending machine offers not being synced to players without access rights
  • Fixed Lost Colony being considered Experimental, therefore not loadable in Safe Mode
  • Fixed non-loopable Sound block sounds being loopable when they shouldn't
  • Fixed an exploit with inventories
  • Fixed getting disconnected from Terminal hwen accessing it through remote control
  • Fixed change of light intensity not being propagated to others when triggered by a programmable block
  • Fixed multi-line text fields not working with Home/End keys properly
  • Fixed medical room not updating its LCDs when turned on
  • Fixed multi-line text fields not responding to arrow keys properly
  • Fixed "Spawn into targeted container" not working on Freight containers
  • Fixed Artificial Mass block detail info not updating
  • Fixed LCDs not updating detail info (power usage)
  • Fixed O2/H2 Generator having "h2/o2" instead of O2/H2
  • Fixed unscrollable descriptions being scrolled by scrolling a different scrollable descriptions in G screen

Fixed issues from our Support site

  • Fixed a crash when pasting a blueprint with projections
  • Fixed a crash when clicking into a Datapad while editing it
  • Fixed Vending machines not keeping offers through save/reload
  • Fixed researched blocks not appearing in all relevant G screen categories
  • Fixed detail info not updating for Pistons and Rotors
  • Fixed not being able to change focus/selection in Refinery inventories due to it updating constantly
  • Fixed certain worlds freezing upon load
  • Fixed grid power indicator status not persisting through save/reload or reconnect
  • Fixed loss of authorship for players kicked from factions on PER_PLAYER servers
  • Fixed Safezone block using only 1W after game restart
  • Fixed Corner LCDs having misaligned surface areas (and therefore not working with scripts)
  • Fixed LCD background colors not updating in real time
  • Fixed not being able to get rid of the "Steam Offline" warning

Hotfix 1.194.080


  • Fixed crash at MyRenderContextState.SetVertexBuffersFast
  • Fixed crash at Profiler.MyGpuProfiler.Join
  • Fixed errors in Model Viewer
  • Fixed propulsion and steer override not working
  • Fixed texture resolution of Corner LCDs
  • Temporarily hotfixed new Gate block being always airtight

Hotfix 1.194.081


  • Added Triton to Star system and Never Surrender
  • Removed Uranium from Triton
  • Removed assertions logging, should help with microstutters and load times
  • Fixed fog in the tunnels
  • Fixed exhausted NPC PCUs
  • Fixed ability to press respawn twice (lead to being stuck on DS)
  • Additional fix for VST incorrect path error message
  • Fixed a crash at MyPhysics.ProcessCollisionFilterRefreshes
  • Fixed a crash at MyRenderComponentEngineerTool.DrawHighlight
  • Fixed a crash at MyFoliageManager.FoliageBufferAllocator
  • Fixed a crash at Havok.HkRigidBody.HkRigidBody_AddGravityAction
  • Fixed a crash at MySectorWeatherComponent.ApplyParticle
  • Fixed a crash at MyXAudio2.Update3DCuePosition
  • Fixed a crash at EntityComponents.MyThrusterBlockThrustComponent.Schedule
  • Fixed a crash at Entities.MyCubeGrid.UpdatePredictionFlag
  • Fixed a crash at MyDirectInput.EnumerateJoystickNames
  • Fixed a crash at Screens.MyGuiScreenWorldSettings.StartNewSandbox
  • Fixed a crash in a Programmable Block
  • Fixed a crash in relative dampening

Hotfix 1.194.082


  • Fixed a crash when searching for blocks in terminal
  • Fixed a crash at Game.World.MySession.UpdateComponents
  • Fixed a crash at Graphics.MyGuiManager.LoadContent
  • Fixed a crash at Engine.Physics.MyPhysicsBody.get_LinearVelocity
  • Fixed a crash at Game.GameSystems.MyGridConveyorSystem.ComputeTransferData
  • Fixed a crash at Game.SessionComponents.MySectorWeatherComponent.ApplyParticle
  • Fixed a crash when procedural asteroid had an identity crisis (game was not sure about its existence)
  • Fixed DSGUI freezing when using the Configuration buttons in the lower left corner
  • Fixed remote client not showing used up PCU when world is in PerPlayer mode

Hotfix 1.194.083


  • Fixed invisible character on older GPUs