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A solar recharge station.

Stations are a Grid type similar to Large ships, they are both the exact same dimensions being 2.5 m3 and share the same variety of blocks they can build (Medical Room, Gravity Generator, etc). Despite this they are not exactly the same and have some key differences as outlined below. They are useful for building as the name implies stationary stations in space or built into asteroids or planets.


  • If Station Voxel Support is enabled, only Stations that are intersecting with Voxels (planets, asteroids) will be stationary, otherwise behaving like Large ships.
    Alternatively, if the setting is off - they will remain completely stationary and never move.
  • Stations can be built to intersect Asteroids, Planets or Moons, unlike Large ships or Small ships - which is needed if Station Voxel Support is enabled.
  • Thrusters and Gyroscopes will have no effect on a properly anchored station (or one in a world where station voxel support is set to off.)
  • In the Terminal's Info tab, it's possible to convert a station into a Large Ship - be warned if any part of the station is embedded into a voxel (asteroid, planet) it will be violently be destroyed. This is an one-way operation, once a station has been converted into a large ship - there is no reverse convert into station function (although this is possible with a Merge Block)
  • Grid mass is not calculated (effectively it has infinite mass).
  • Starting block is a Light Armor Block instead of a Landing Gear.

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