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Disclaimer: This page is not to be thought of as the first place to look for recent information about the state of Nehilium or for discussions about our server or way of play. If you really want information about the latest state of the server, your first place to look would be the Space Engineers forum on This page here is only thought of as a place to link Nehilium into the broader context of the community pages and as a way to easily build an overview of the outcome of the discussions on the forum/in-game, something like a handout to new players. This page can be more or less outdated/incorrect or just contain blatant cretinism, the initial state included :D


Nehilium lives in a dedicated gaming server landscape provided kindly to the public by, an asylum for gamers with a great community and wide variety of game servers.

The Operator of our little part of the universe is Qzby, he's the one wearing the hat when it comes to the final decisions about the code we play by and welder of the initial settings and rules of Nehilium.

But Nehilium is in no way a dictatorship, in the contrary. Please join our community discussions in

or just drop in to the in-game chat.

The world is set to the hardest possible configuration we could make terms on. We want to experience the harshness of space. As good as all options are set to realistic. The only luxury we left is the 3rd person camera, a feature many could just not miss from the gameplay.

So you will find all speeds/volumes/etc. are set to "1", no spectator camera, no encounters, no cargo ships and the time to the next spawn ship is five hours. So calculate your first steps carefully. But don't worry, we will not leave you out in the open if Fortuna's light is for some reason not shining in your direction. Ask kindly for help and it will be granted.

Meteors are disabled, even they are a feature we would actually like to have. But currently they are having some bug which creates considerable lag and makes them at times undefendable against, so we sadly had to disable them.

You are also highly encouraged to not farm the spawn ships for parts except your initial ship, but this is no rule which is enforced upon, in the end it is left to you how much realism you want. If you are new to the realities of Survival-1-1-1, try to see the spawn ship as a treasure, which it actually is. It would take one refinery in basic settings quite some time to refine the platinum needed for the ship.

The world file is kept in a playable state through cleaning by hand in more or less regular intervals or when it seems necessary. Remnants of not reoccurring players are removed. To help in that process and to ensure your claims name all your property in the following scheme: faction.player.ship/station name. If you are not part of a faction, just leave that part out. You can name your property in the Tab "Info" of the Terminal attached to an object. Just don't forget to hit "OK" after you changed it, or your changes will not be committed. Also don't forget that whenever you merge, your property will get a new generic name, so you have to change it back. And it would be very kind of you if in the case you ever decided to not return to your property to let us know so we could take care of it.

And please keep all the time aware of the fact that admins are only human, and as humans we are all prone to make errors, be they in judgement or an accidental click. And we also want to play the game and are only trying to fill a necessary role in the best way possible.

So with no further due here are the


taken from

Welcome to Nehilium

Dear space explorer,

In order for all our players (including you) to have a quality time and fun while playing on our server, we created a set of rules which we strongly encourage you to read before you start playing.

Game rules:

1. Keep the chat clean - Excessive trolling, spamming, or swearing, will result in a appropriate disciplinary action (kick / ban, depending on severity)

2. No advertising - Yes, your server is awesome, and we do understand you want everyone to go there but this server is awesome too and we'd rather keep our members, so keep your servers awesomeness elsewhere, pretty please (breaking this rule will first result in a warning, followed by a kick and finally a permanent ban if you still insist).

3. Cheating - The use of hacks, exploits or cheats, will result in an immediate permanent ban - No second chances ! (if you are in doubt whether something is either of the one mentioned above, ask first).

4. PvP - Attacking other players MUST be followed by a declaration of war against that player's faction and cannot begin until a member of the defending faction is online, thus confirming the declaration of war. Furthermore, attacks against both defenders and attackers are allowed only when members from both factions are online (simply put, you are not allowed to attack or destroy an offline player's property).

5. Theft, Scamming and Sabotage - follows the same rules as for PvP only when the owner is present and may lead to the thief / scammer / saboteur being declared an outlaw. To prevent self-defense and players trying to take advantage of this rule by logging off, an initiated attack is allowed to continue for 15 minutes after the defender left the game.

  • Theft = an action is considered theft, when a ship (that is clearly belonging to another player) is forcefully hacked and piloted, without the owner's consent.
  • Scamming = taking payment without the intent of delivering the goods being paid for.
  • Sabotage = attack that does negligible or no damage with the purpose of disabling / hacking a players property (turrets, medical rooms, facilities, ships, etc.).
  • Outlaws = can be attacked by anyone as long as the outlaw is online.

6. Lag generators - Excessive use of game mechanics that cause heavy lag on the server is to be done with great consideration. Using lag generating systems in combat is forbidden ! Consistently being inconsiderate about generating lag will result, first in a warning and by confiscating and destroying the machinery causing the lag, followed by a kick and finally a permanent ban on the server.

7. Ship Size Restrictions - Due to most of the factions on our fair server being decidedly civilian entrepreneurs and civilian entities, typically not being allowed to own or operate the latest, heaviest military machinery, a restriction on ship size and armament have been decided. The weight limit for ships, unless stated elsewhere, is set to a max. of 5.000.000 kilograms. The armament limit for ships, unless stated elsewhere, is set to a max. of: 4 Gatling Turrets, 2 Missile Turrets and 4 Rocket Launchers, for large ships. Till now, no limit have been decided for fighter class craft. Special weapon systems, such as those engineered using ingenuity and creativity, are not restricted (as long as it doesn't exceed the max. payload stated above). Breaking the above mentioned rules, will result in getting the ship confiscated and destroyed.

8. Role Play - This is a hardcore role-play server after all so role-play should be done as best as possible at all times ! For the time being, there is no penalty for players that are not RP-ing so they can get used with this kind of playstyle, although, what is considered "quality role play" will be rewarded !

  • Quality role play = is considered ripe for reward for those following actions in-game and/or on the forum. If a player wishes to, they can recommend other players for quality role play, via the forums. In any case, a member of our staff will decide if a reward is justified. Rewards can be a commission for a ship, exceeding the 5.000.000 kilogram weight limit, or the armament limit, or both, depending on the quality of role-play. Commissions can be traded between players, either as the permission to build a larger or better armed ship, or as a ship that is already constructed. Use the forums to keep track of commissions and notify a member of our staff before trading a commission.

Notice that this is a set of rules submitted to be changed or modified in the future, depending on the server evolution and players needs...

-Admins of Nehilium-

History of Nehilium

  • ?? ??? 2015 - GamersGuild opens their instance of a dedicated Space Engineers server to the general public.
  • 29 May 2015 - Qzby decides to get involved into maintaining the server.
  • ?? ??? 2015 - Posts missing: After some consideration of the matters, Qzby gets granted a free hand by GamersGuild on operating as a game master/admin/moderator of the Space Engineers server.
  • 14 Jun 2015 - The first version of the server rules are posted by Qzby on the forum.
  • 21 Jun 2015 - The community of Nehilium starts the first attempt on a community build, the Nehilium Trading Outpost (NTO)


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Please join the discussion about that topic on the GamersGuild Space Engineers forum.

Background story

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Please join the discussion about that topic on the GamersGuild Space Engineers forum.

Factions on Nehilium (who are also represented here on the Wiki)

Example content:

This could be an option to organize our factions, by using and enhancing the factions system already setup here on the wiki.

See also Factions

Background stories of players

Example content:

This could be an option to organize our user stories, by using and enhancing the factions system/personal user pages already setup here on the wiki.


As you may are aware of, griefers are a fact of life for anyone playing on public servers, and it seems that sandboxes are especially prone to them. But before we go on to debate this sad topic, you maybe want to enlighten your spirit by watching 33 humorous seconds about the brain capacity of a griefer.

Nehilium is a public server and we depend on all participants to behave them self and by the rules. And we give everyone the benefit of the doubt, maybe he or she is just not aware of the rules. This may be a strange concept to you, but there are even griefers who apply to the rules. It happenend not only once that a griefer, after he/she got spoken to, stated something in the like "What, no griefieng here? Oh, I did not know that." and just left searching for more welcoming grounds to his way of play. It should be also stated that what one sees as griefing another one could for sure see as valid gameplay encouraged by the way the game is designed. So you should probably even be kind to a griefer, at least at first.

And never forget: Don't feed the trolls! If someone starts to be mean, be it by gameplay or in chat, it could actually the most viable option to stay kind and calm. There is nothing that takes faster the wind out of the sails of a troll if he or she does not get recogniced by statements of sadness or anger. Maybe ask him if he needs some help with his griefing ;) Be creative! Try maybe to discourage him by casually debating the time of the last save in chat and stating to let him his fun and doing a rollback in ten. He may be not aware that you are only two players with no special permissions and no admin is in sight for hours. And don't be sad or angry with your self if you fail and feed the troll. All this is good theory, but keeping calm while someone is mean to you is a state of mind which can be very very hard to achieve.

It would maybe be a good way to think about griefers just as an enrichement of the environment for your state of mind, we don't have meteors, but at least some griefers are spwaning :D

That all said, you should not make it to easy for the griefers, so here are some hints:

  • Don't set a medbay to public accessable, visitors are nice, but before your friendly neighbour comes around to marvel at your designs a griefer would probably spawn there leaving only burning ruins if leaving anything in the first place.
  • Don't build at obvious positions, like in the nearer vicinity of 0:0:0
  • Don't exchange GPS coordinates over public chat if they are not temporary and safe to share with even a possible lurker with malicious intent.
  • Don't refrain from setting up at least basic defenses, maybe you want to keep a gun handy, just in case.


How do I ensure my spawn ship and why I have to do that in the first place?

If you take a spawn ship, the underlying owner of the ship is some entity belonging to the server, not you. The GUI may fool you in believing you are the rightful owner and in full control. This is not the case. At least till you not merged the Spawn, be it with another ship or a station. By merging, the underlying ownership gets deleted, the game probably actually just creates all blocks as new unbeknownst to you. And that new or resetted group of blocks has set the owner to you, this time for real. If you don't do that, the spawn will disappear when you logout.

Introduction video for the merge block:


A common bug we encounter all the time is being getting haunted by Ghostblocks. A Ghostblock will appear, respectively he will not appear, when you have only one instance of any kind of material needed to initially build a block in your inventory, so for example you have only one steel plate and build an armor block. Then the Game will build the block, but invisible, untouchable, and without the feedback of the normal build sound. The prescribed way to resolve this situation is by grinding into the empty space where you set the block and check your inventory if you managed to get the material back. If this is the case, just up the amount of that material and start over. If you by someway or reason fail to achieve that, try a relog. This should make the block visible.

My tools stopped working

At least the welder and the grinder, being it the hand or ship versions, are prone to just stop working. As we observed by now, it seems to happen to only one set, so only the hand tools stop working or the ship tools, but not both. It seems that a relogg will not help, but at least in one case it was observed that the bug switched to the other set of tools, from hand to ship, and the hand tools started working again. We know at now not of another way to resolve this issue than a server restart. But everything stated here are only vague observances of the bug, the detailed conditions of why or when it happens are not known to us.

Everytime I relogg the toolbars of all my ships gets wiped

Yes. That is how it is in multiplayer. No one here is actually sure if this is a bug, a half implemented feature, or a design decision. The only known workaround is to design/build/configure a ship to the last detail like you want it, blueprint it and then project the blueprint and rebuild it. The build from the print will have all toolbars to the exact state the moment the blueprint was taken. For all time. You can change the toolbars, but now every time you relogg they will be resetted to this state.

Performance Advises

Please read to get a better understanding of how the game engine works, if you have not already done.

I would cite the important parts here, but I actually think the page is in his whole important and cannot be effectively shortened.

But at least here are some short hints and common misconceptions:

  • press Shift+F11 in game to see some stats about the game. When playing multiplayer one would probably like to have an eye on Sim Speed, which translates to the speed the time flows for your client. A sim speed of one would equal to realtime, at 0.3 it feels like swimming through jelly. Against maybe the first way of thinking about sim speed, the value can vary a good amount from client to client. The capabilitys of your machine are an limiting factor.
  • be aware of the fact, that even while you play multiplayer, the advises for single player are also in effect.


None, except administrative ones. We are running SE-ServerManager and are trying to get SE-Extender to work for us. So you would need one mod to use the SE-Extender properly. But we want to be as vanilla as possible.


In the moment, the server is set to a 24 hour auto restart cycle. Restarts will happen at 00:00 CEST

Updates are done automatically over SE-Server Manager. So if there is an update coming out, the server will restart by itself after like 10 to 15 minutes after the update.

Server Nehilium Subpages

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