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PCU (Performance Cost Unit) limits are the next iteration of block limits[1]. Its purpose is to keep server performance in a more effective way than just limiting block types. Every block has its own defined PCU value, which says how much performance impact a block has under full load (when all its systems are activated). More PCU, more performance heavy the block is. PCU can be defined per world, as a pool, which can be used for building. This pool is then split per player, per faction, or global. Please note, that you can change the default PCU limits in the Experimental mode.


The world has 100,000 PCU pool, there are only two factions, red and blue, there cannot be more factions. So each faction has 50,000 dedicated PCUs. A player which does not belong to any faction cannot build anything. Removed or destroyed blocks PCU are returned back to the faction PCU pool. A player who wants to change the faction, needs to check that all his/her blocks PCU are within the faction limit he/she wants to join.

Examples of PCU of well known ships

Ship name PCU (approx)
Fighter 3,100
Miner 1,600
Red ship 14,800
Blue ship 10,200
Pilgrims Curiosity 15,000
Amanda Tapping 530,000
Easy Start Platform 3,400

Update History

update 01.187.000
  • PCU limits introduced


  1. https://blog.marekrosa.org/2018/07/space-engineers-multiplayer-overhaul.html - Developer Blog