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Moon Earth MEarthLike01.jpg


The moon type that orbits around the Earth like planet. Usually very grey, icy and a good place to find Platinum Ore other than asteroids.


The Lunar surface is scattered with many craters from meteor impacts, and large holes, mountains and ridges. Terrain is hard to maneuver with a buggy but running and jumping should be sufficient as gravity is only about 0.25g. There is no life or vegetation on this type of moon. It is a wasteland with ore deposits found at least every other kilometer if lucky. On the North Pole of the Earth like moon, there is abundant sources of ice for hydrogen and oxygen use. Other features are that there is no breathable atmosphere and therefore the player will need to refill on oxygen once in a while. The sky is also clear so you can see into space, the sun, the stars and any planet or other moon in the sky.

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