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New Space Conglomerate
Faction Type:
Military, Industrial, Commerce
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About New Space Conglomerate

NSC is here to maintain peace and promote trade within the asteroid belt. We are a band of rebels, engineers, and traders from the First Interplanetary War. Our conglomerate is here to establish peace and trade. We try to prevent conflict with other factions, but if the faction is a threat to us we will attack.


Once a weapons manufacturer for the Sinorussia Conglomerate during World War 3. Eventually the world war cost everything on this planet. Peace treaties were signed and the war ended. New Space race to asteroid began as result of the massive amount of resources there (gold,platinum,iron, rare earth elements). More nations joined the Sinorussia conglomerate and it was renamed the New Space Conglomerate as it is today.


Recruiting status: ОРЕN

If you are interested to join the faction, contact user Joseph Stalin here at:


Or join the official Steam faction group at:

http://steamcommunity.com/groups/newspaceconglomerate (May require you to contact Joseph Stalin)

Please also browse the list of roles below and notify me which one(s) you prefer.

Thank You!

Current Roles

High-Tier roles

President and CEO - SPACEgamer

Vice-President -

Finance Officers -

Military Officers -

Industrial Officers -

Foreign Affairs Officers -

Mid-Tier Roles

Captains -

Ship Designers -

Lower-Tier Roles

Pilots -

Gunners -

Infantry Units -

Miners -

Builders -

More roles to come in the future!


1)Do not declare war or be hostile on any empire or sovereign state without SPACEgamer's clearance.

2)Attack ships and vessels when they are hostile or a threat to personnel / base / ships

3)Please be considerate to fellow members.

4)Minimize swearing if possible.

5)You must be able to speak or type basic English.

6)Obey all orders unless otherwise stated.

7)Have Fun!!!