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For a complete list of all changes in one list, see Complete Change Log.

Update 01.172



Stable (Default) branch on Steam has been updated to build 01.172. Also don't forget there is a Space Engineers Deluxe Edition Bundle now: [1] Enjoy!


  • Physics engine improvements
  • Voxel performance optimizations
  • More Render Improvements
  • Drone AI improvements (weapons handling, ambush behavior)
  • Added updated icons for Automatic Rifle, Welder, Grinder and Drill
  • Updated Block/Component models + icons
  • Added new Skybox
  • Programmable Block Inter-Grid Communication; Guide: [2]
  • Small Turrets collisions changed (thanks to SEModder4 )
  • ModAPI and Programmable Block changes (massive thanks to Inflex, Elfi Wolfe, Phoenix84 and Malware; go to our Modding section for more details)


  • fixed Large Grid Large Reactor had faulty conveyor doors
  • fixed GPS serialization, cut scenes in MP, Highlights in MP in Visual Scripting
  • fixed issue with small landing gear missing dummies
  • fixed issue with faulty mount points on small conveyors
  • fixed issues with campaign missions and being able to complete them
  • fixed off setting of astronaut when using jet pack animation
  • fixed issues with the Silicon voxel texture
  • fixed issues with the RocksDesert voxel texture
  • minor redesign to the Spotlight block
  • added MATERIALS in Mod SDK to fix pink texture issues for modders
  • fixed Mag boots/Auto-jetpack activation issues
  • fixed flares appearing on the same position when pasting the ship
  • fixed Landing Gear model size
  • fixed Conveyor door on Large Reactor
  • fixed missing texture on Window 1x2 Side Left
  • fixed Merge block mountpoints
  • fixed character grinding animation
  • fixed clang with camera
  • fixed wrong armor deformations
  • fixed remote control/camera POV issues
  • fixed FOV resetting when using Interior Turret
  • fixed issues with pistons extending pistons while the world is reloading
  • fixed default settings for Empty World and Rival Platforms scenarios
  • fixed Corner light and Interior light not giving up any light
  • fixed Gamepad control issues
  • fixed Interior turret shooting through door
  • fixed asteroids settings for Empty world scenario
  • fixed Corner LCD 2 rotating issues
  • fixed Small Conveyor Tubes being aligned wrong during building
  • fixed Merge Block not working within the same grid
  • fixed issues with merge blocks and flares
  • fixed odd Sabiroid behavior
  • fixed Hydrogen Thruster issues with resource sink
  • fixed changing cockpit color (pink interior)
  • fixed loading of custom worlds screens
  • fixed G screen (Small Conveyor Tube, Small Conveyor, Small Curved Conveyor Tube)
  • fixed wrong gyroscope color
  • fixed Interior Block rotation
  • fixed emmisivity for Sliding Door
  • fixed accessing control panel when conveyor is attached
  • fixed issue with corrupted world when saving in 3rd person camera
  • fixed issue with timer block not saving its settings when built from projection
  • corrected air-tight properties for merge block, timer block and oxygen generator
  • added message indicating selected block not available for a grid size
  • added an email option to the crash message window
  • updated construction models for small grid armor blocks
  • minor material change for Gravity Generator
  • fixed AI drones shooting without target in line of sight
  • fixed not being able to use cockpit for small grid from the front
  • fixed climbing invisible stairs when jumping outside of gravity well
  • fixed LCD Panel Text losing Glow when recoloring Panel
  • fixed refactor pilot attaching to cockpit
  • fixed Voxel Hand and Teleportation security for server side
  • fixed Visual Scripting Campaign issues
  • fixed being able to use handbrake while not in main cockpit
  • fixed faulty small air vent construction model
  • fixed purple textures on catwalk construction model and refinery
  • fixed issue people being unable to alt-tab when in fullscreen or fullscreen window


3.2.2017 :

  • fixed issue with camera not being able to look around in 3rd person view/1st person view
  • fixed issue where turrets would keep shooting after auto locking on target and destroying it
  • fixed issue where promoting someone required the person to reconnect so that he may used his new rights.
  • fixed desync issue with the "can use all terminals" admin tool
  • fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyPlanet.BeforeDelete
  • fixed crash at at Sandbox.Game.Entities.MyShipController.UpdateShipInfo10


9.2.2017 :

  • fixed particle effect after projectile hit
  • removed installation of Win7 platform update
  • more black screen cases fixed



Update 01.165

8 December 2016

Developer Button.png


Hello Engineers! We are very happy to announce that today, we have a massive update for you, the one that’s been months in making. There’s the total block redesign, new multiplayer netcode, a tutorial campaign and much, much more!

Total Block Redesign Nearly every art asset in the game has been redone together with the first iteration of render optimizations. This includes new block models, new weapon and tool models, new component models and new voxel textures. All of these assets now use physically-based rendering. There’s an incredible amount of models in the game so you can expect various bugs to be fixed over the coming weeks, and as always, if you find any sort of bugs, please report them on our Forums -

It’s worth mentioning that there will now be time to listen to community feedback on the new models so we can modify, adjust and improve them if required. Aside from the redesigned blocks, we also have a couple of completely new ones to add. These are of course the corner lights and corner LCDs (available for small and large grid) and created by Arindel so many many thanks to him! They really did help the level designers with creating the desired atmosphere of the missions.

Multiplayer It was decided that we would take the best features and technologies from all of the MP contestants and combine them into one ultimate multiplayer experience. This means that as well as the netcode and performance based features, it’s also bringing gameplay features like magboots and voice communication. Magboots allow you to walk all around grids in zero g, but only works if there is no natural or artificial gravity. Voice communication works within antenna range, and you can chain together antenna networks to increase your range. Thanks to Rexxar, there are more advanced admin tools in the Space Master menu. This is just the first iteration, and more tools may be added in the future. We’ve also redesigned permissions ingame, adding new Scripter and Moderator roles. For more details on these features, check this thread. There are some important and exciting modding changes this week, including a new way for mods to store custom data inside entities, please see the link below for more details if you are modder or a scripter.

Campaign Next up, we’ve got the tutorial campaign. This is a short campaign mainly designed to help new players get into the game - but should be a lot of fun for existing players too, as it’s a great showcase of the storytelling potential in Space Engineers. We hope you will enjoy it and that it will inspire content creators out there to design their own missions and campaigns. They have all the same tools that our in-house designers have at their disposal like triggers, cut scenes, drone AI and more.

Drone AI Thanks to the tutorial campaign, we spent some time improving drone AI. They can now strafe, attempt to ram when out of ammo, use static weaponry, have more specific targeting and be assigned waypoints. Currently these features can only be utilized in your own drones via the visual scripting tool.

Drive-by Turret Shooting One of favorite features that we’re also adding this week is the ability to control a single automated turret while still driving or flying a vehicle. The only requirement is that you set one cockpit on a grid as the main cockpit. Once controlling a turret, you can aim it with the mouse while using the WASD keys to steer the vehicle. By holding ALT, you can switch back to controlling gyroscopes with your mouse. We’ve also cleaned up camera overlays and added a zoom function to all automated turrets to help you make that crucial shot.

...And More! We’ve added the ability for bullet decals to be seen from the inside of cockpits so now you will really know when you’re getting hit. We improved building by making the block size get automatically selected by the grid that you are pointing at; you can change the size manually by pressing the block button on your toolbar again so you are still able to create a new grid from any block. Lastly, you can now interact with highlighted blocks by pressing LMB and interact with control panels by pressing RMB.


  • New Multiplayer netcode; best features were merged from all the MP contestants
  • Total Block Redesign; every block has been completely reworked (textures/LODs/etc.)
  • New and redesigned Tools and Weapons look
  • New and redesigned look for Components, Voxels
  • Physics improvements
  • Render improvements
  • Added Campaign containing 5 missions
  • Added Voice Chat (dependent on antenna network, it can be enabled by pressing U)
  • Added Magnetic Boots
  • Drone AI Improvements (strafing, ramming when without ammo, can use static weapons, targeting, waypoints)
  • Drive-by Turret shooting (shooting from turrets while moving with vehicles/ships)
  • Improved building (block size is automatically picked by the grid that you are pointing to; you can change the size manually by pressing the block button on your toolbar again)
  • Interacting with highlighted stuff by pressing LMB and interacting with control panel RMB (only with empty hands)
  • Added Corner Lights, Corner LCDs (thanks Arindel!)
  • Enabled interior lights for small ships
  • Added Advanced Admin Tools in the Space Master menu (thanks Rexxar!)
  • Redesigned permissions ingame, added new Scripter and Moderator roles
  • Created a new way for mods to store custom data inside entities:
  • Added Zoom function to all turrets
  • Decals are now visible from inside the Cockpits
  • Voxel hand can be used by Space Master


  • fixed issue where welding with multiple welders cause major sound and performance issues
  • fixed desync for warheads on dedicated server
  • fixed crash at ParallelTasks.TaskException when pasting blueprint
  • fixed crash at System.Array.Clear
  • fixed aiming issues for drones
  • fixed crash when two merge blocks that were part of the same grid merged
  • fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.Entities.Character.MyCharacter.EndShoot
  • fixed crash at Sandbox.Game.GameSystems.MyGridCameraSystem.ResetCamera
  • fixed crash at Crash at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary
  • fixed minor issue with cameras and chat function
  • fixed issue with LCD panel crashing the game when removed or grinded down
  • fixed issue with being able to produce infinite hydrogen with the stockpile option

Update 01.143

7 July 2016

Developer Button.png


New This week’s update brings another round of bug fixes and improvements. We're also trying something new today, bringing you the first in an upcoming series of Space Engineers dev diaries. In the developer diary this week, our programmer Michal will tell you a bit about animations he's been working on, particularly the new things he's added and some of the final touches on the system. Right now we support synchronizations between layers and also support reading variables from the environment, so the animation is completely driven by the game and not vice-versa.

Michal is working on stabilizing the first person camera and smoothing out the behavior of the 3rd person camera, and he will also show you the inverse kinematics for the feet of the character. This means that if you're running on an asteroid, the character snaps his feet correctly to the surface of the asteroid. This also applies to animals (for example, spiders). He's also improving the weapon animation and positioning in the game, which should be much smoother than before.

Finally, in the 3rd person, we're using animation from our artists rather than the code. This improves appearance while running. We can also use animation for driving the weapon position for complicated situations like holding the weapon while running.

We hope you enjoyed this new segment and though we won't have a dev diary every week, you can look forward to more in the future!


  • fixed pasting from clipboard for the first time
  • fixed crash when loading a world
  • fixed character moving with rotor
  • fixed player being able to control ships from cryochamber
  • fixed character with no head when in remote control
  • fixed impossible to move issue during lock on merge block by landing gear
  • fixed disconnected Hydrogen Thrusters causing ship to sink in an atmosphere
  • fixed clicking on the slider for Suspension Travel greys out controls on the block
  • fixed respawn on DS not working correctly
  • fixed crash on loading blueprint
  • fixed "safety locked" Large to Small rotor moves around a lot
  • added .NET environment in the log
  • fixed controlled ship falling down on planet

Update 01.143.???

  • fixed projector position

Update 01.142

30 June 2016

Developer Button.png


In this week’s update we are releasing a revised building system. From now on, you can create a new grid from any block (not just from landing gear) by simply placing a block in any open area. We’ve also made changes to the G screen by cleaning it up, organizing it, and grouping similar blocks into groups. You can see if a block type has variants by the plus symbol in the top right corner of its thumbnail. To switch between variants, use the mouse scroll wheel. These changes should make building much more intuitive and time efficient.

Zooming in and out of 3rd person view now requires you to hold Alt combined with the mouse scroll. Also, any grid that is pasted into voxel from the clipboard will now become a static grid, including small ships. You can place them in at any angle and orientation.

Please note that because of the changes we made to the building system, we had to make adjustments to how blueprints are projected from projectors. It's now based on the first placed block of a blueprint. This means that the offset values in projectors will have to be corrected to account for this in all existing creations.

Lastly, the major improvements for the ModAPI and ingame programming mentioned last week are going live today. If you are a modder or a scripter who missed that announcement, here is the link to the ModAPI/Ingame Interface Expansion and Improvements guide:

We would like to say a massive massive massive thanks to Malware for completely replacing the script compiler and to Phoenix84 for all the modding changes :). We cannot thanks guys like this enough!

If you want to place individual block variants to your toolbar, you still can - just text search for the block name in the G screen and place it directly to the toolbar as usual. (so you do not scroll through each armor block variant to get piece you are looking for)


  • revised building system
  • 3rd person zoom and other control changes
  • GitHub Source code updated to current dev version
  • space master can cycle through GPS coordinates now

Github Merges

  • allow modAPI (script) access to OnGridChanged events (by fabricator77)
  • added new IMyThrust properties (by Jimmacle)
  • fix for lag when recoloring blocks (by Aleks976)
many thanks to all GitHub contributors!


  • dx9 textures removed
  • fixed corrupted worlds with missing textures
  • fixed speed mods corrupting world messages
  • fixed Horizon and Altitude indicators distorted on triple monitor setups
  • fixed piston top part gets separated on DS
  • fixed issues when meteors are falling on DS
  • fixed projection not matching the grid
  • fixed check box in player terminal
  • fixed pivot point have bad colors
  • fixed refinery modules are functioning without power
  • fixed particle effect of shooting (muzzle flash)
  • fixed collisions ignored when pasting grid
  • fixed rotor top parts shivering when placing
  • fixed mirror mode switches on when reloading a world
  • fixed manual Safety override (force weld) does not sync properly on DS
  • fixed helmet flashlight sinks into grid/voxel
  • fixed oxygen farm has wrong emissivity when powered
  • fixed crash during meteor storm
  • fixed no fuel reported when recharging docked ship during the day
  • fixed Jump Drive destination selection issues
  • fixed muzzle flash staying in place when changing weapons
  • fixed Large atmospheric thrusters breaking
  • fixed sound of getting out of cockpit when merging/unmerging ship
  • fixed merge block on piston could not be merged
  • fixed grinding Sliding doors at Earth EasyStart destroys different blocks
  • fixed inventory screen screen filters showing wrong inventories
  • fixed issues when remote controlling from cockpit
  • fixed Small oxygen generator not consuming Ice on DS
  • fixed debug menu warnings
  • fixed block remains in terminal after being removed
  • fixed reversed thusters , MP, creative
  • fixed respawn ship selection issues
  • fixed thruster issues in MP

Update 01.142.007

  • fixed crash in remote control
  • fixed moving safety locked small rotor head on large rotor

Update 01.141

23 June 2016

Developer Button.png


This week’s update brings a new batch of bug fixes and improvements. Firstly, the update now allows you to turn off solar panels. Bugs fixed this week include projected antennas broadcasting, incorrect construction stage orientation for some blocks, cockpit toolbar issues, and the control hints cube being stretched. We’ve also fixed a number of crashes caused by changes to the planetary code last week.

Next week some major improvements for the ModAPI and ingame programming will be released. However, this will break scripted mods and some ingame scripts. If you're a modder or scripter, please see the guide linked below for what you'll need to do to fix your mods. Finally, keep in mind that all the changes in today's update will only be on the weekly development branch - you will not notice these if you are playing on the default stable branch.

ModAPI/Ingame Interface Expansion and Improvements guide:


  • solar panels can be turned on or off


  • fixed color copying in mirror mode
  • fixed cockpit toolbar issues
  • fixed open doors grinding faster than closed ones
  • fixed stretched control cube
  • fixed backpack color changing
  • fixed log saying "see log for details"
  • fixed construction stage orientation for some blocks
  • fixed cryochamber overlay sticking ofter death
  • fixed tool tips covering jumpdrive countdown
  • fixed hidden inventory slot behavior
  • fixed grinder area of effect after merging
  • fixed projected antennas broadcasting
  • fixed incorrect inventory order after moving an item
  • fixed screenshot crash in blueprints menu
  • fixed crash in Havok when loading world