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What is a Blueprint?

Blueprints are saved copies of creations that players can use to backup, take to other worlds, repair an existing design, and publish to share with the community.

How to make a Blueprint

Blueprints can be be made from a copied creation in Creative Mode, or on the Projector in Survival Mode. You can create a blueprint by pointing with your crosshair on the tech you'd like to save and pressing Ctrl+B.

<brief tutorial on how to make one>

Editing a Blueprint

<how to replace a blueprint with a new one>

Additional Details

<Extra things you can do with a blueprint in the menu>

Blueprint Screenshot

<Briefly describe screenshotting for the blueprint>


<Modifying description of a blueprint>


<briefly describe the blueprints on the workshop>

Send a Blueprint to Someone

<Brief description on how this works>

Publishing your Blueprint

<brief description on how to publish your blueprint, and managing it.>

Download Published Blueprints

<brief description on how to download other blueprints made by others on the workshop>